Haunted House (Lily)

Forced orgasms” was all she had written, and it was what she’d receive. Once the haunted house had stolen Lily’s companions from her, she welcomed the presence of the strangers around her, all cloaked in black and leading her to the room. It was foreboding to see the mattress at the centre of the sinister-looking room, though she was thankful that it was warm and rather comfortable once they laid her down on it. She had resigned herself to the fate ahead as they restrained her to it and placed the ball gag in her mouth. 

“You will scream,” whispered one of the figures as the other left. At that, he removed the cloak and looked upon her body with a hunger in his eyes. She shied away from his gaze before he knelt beside her and began his exploration of her pleasure. 

Already turned on from the manipulations and caresses from the others before, it took little time for his fingers to work her to a frothing mess of arousal. Though it was when that vibrator pressed to her sex that her world was set alight. Having never owned her own vibrator before, it was an experience unlike any other. To feel that buzzing coursing through her most precious sensitivities was like a dream. Having never felt anything that powerful before, like little electric jolts of concentrated pleasure zapping at her very nerves, she came fast. Her orgasm tore through her rapidly, yet even throughout the spasms of pleasure, the rolling vibrations continued gnawing at her, dragging it out. It wasn’t like using her fingers at all, where it was a steady build and a deep release. Instead, it was like having the orgasm pulled from her instantly, for it only to then be trapped against her. 

Once Lily came down, she twisted in a desperate bid to escape the unbearable sensations. Having the whole of her tenderness vibrated seemed to mesh everything she was feeling together: the sharp ecstasy of her vibrating clitoris and the churning, deep bliss brought upon by his fingers within her all rolled into one inescapable balloon of pleasure that was fit to pop. The next orgasm made her see stars for just a moment before her eyes clamped shut, every muscle in her body tensing as if trying to protect herself. She wanted… needed… to curl up into a ball and make it stop as he kept abusing her sensitivity. Her vision swam in the dark red and black, punctured with flashes of brilliant white as she kept her eyes tightly shut. She tried her hardest to beg him to stop. All her muffles did was urge him to press the vibrator just a little harder and sink his fingers in a little deeper. Once his fingertips pressed to her g-spot, she thought she’d faint from the onslaught of orgasms that he then forced from her. 

If only she could scream out for the others to find her and stop this, but they were all gone. The others had their own predicaments to suffer through. Lily was at his mercy, and he was going to make it last…

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Image source from: Kink

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