Every little moan makes it somehow even stiffer, harder. You wonder if she can feel every pulse and twitch the same way you feel every convulsion of her pussy as she comes so intensely once again. You forget how many times you’ve reached the edge, how often you’ve come so close, that silky, slippery, wet little entrance caressing every inch so tightly. All you know for certain is that you won’t stop. As long as she can scream, she’ll take it. Every time she says she can’t come anymore, the next orgasm proves otherwise, which makes every hard thrust and little squeal of pleasure that much sweeter. 

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Laura volunteered for the Erotic Haunted House, wanting to make a little extra money as well as to have a little sexual fun. The thought of being watched by strangers while being teased and tantalised was so enticing. Yet while her screams at first were simply play acting for the guests passing by, after a little, they became genuine. The ‘demented nurses’ attending to her wanted to put on a show, so they made sure that they were going to give Laura forced orgasms in order to make sure those screams, those times when she was begging for it to stop, that it was too much, were all sincere.

Hearing this girl begging and pleading with the patrons walking by kept attracting attention and turned them on even more. The girls in control wanted to put on a good show. With Laura completely restrained and helpless, they were free to keep the powerful wand vibrators nestled against her swollen red pussy for as long as they desired. All Laura could do was pray that after they forced her to orgasm the next time, they’d let her rest. Maybe the next time… or perhaps the next.

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I want to play a game.

As close friends, you have both accused the other of stealing pleasure from one another. A boyfriend here, a sexual partner there. You have both been correct at times, yet now shall be the time to see who truly can steal away the most ecstasy. Perhaps then you’ll both see that what goes around can often come back twice as hard.

The Sybian vibrators nestled so intently against your pussies are wired to one another. When one of you comes, the others will increase in intensity. You have twenty minutes. If one of you screams, my associate will enter and make things even more difficult. Endure the twenty minutes without begging for it to stop, and you will both be free. Fail, and it will start all over again.

Good luck. I recommend you both try and hold back.

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Is that realisation one of joy or of slight terror? Knowing that even after coming beyond what you could have ever expected to handle from the intense vibrator, those fingers inside you seem to rekindle the flame. The realisation that your pussy could be forced to orgasm even more from those fingertips finding just the right spot. 

There’s something so intense about having someone do that to you; the desire projected from someone else adds so much more. The unmoving, unfeeling vibrator locked in place made you feel like you’d die from the pleasure. Yet having a person take control makes it feel like they want you to die from the pleasure, so terribly intense to have emotion and desire added to the beautiful torment. Maybe that is why you are coming again, even though you said you couldn’t take any more.

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The way your body responds is so erotic, isn’t it? I don’t just mean the way you can come from my fingers playing with you like this. I mean, because of how when you are trying so hard to concentrate on not coming for a certain period of time, that very thought is what drives you closer to that orgasm even faster. Every aspect of your body and mind is wired for the pinnacle of pleasure.

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A Halloween Feast

You may try and capture their existence with cameras, but they will make their presence known far more intimately tonight. Hear the demonic whispers as on this Halloween night pleasure becomes your treat… and your nightmare. The feeling of cuffs on your wrists and hands holding you down as you sleep certainly aren’t just in your mind…

An audio/visual experiment, capturing Nova Gold taken hold by a supernatural entity on Halloween night.

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Model: Nova Gold