Welcome to PleasureTorture

The slow relentless tease of orgasm denial and the merciless torment of forced orgasms… exploring such limits of sexual pleasure is something many of us crave, whether to experience it, or to allow others to engage in it.

Hi, I’m John Eros. You may know me from such platforms as Tumblr, Literotica and contributions to Sssh.com.

There is not nearly enough content based on female orgasm denial, such as footage of erotic restraint and females being brought to the brink of orgasm repeatedly and mercilessly. PleasureTorture aims not only to add more content, but also give an opportunity to those who desire it, a chance to enact such erotic fantasies and turn them into a reality. Whatever your preferences, there will be many styles of content posted with the intent to have your imagination racing.

There is no place here for extreme BDSM, humiliation and degradation, instead you will find content which explores the beauty of pleasure and the joys of eroticism; pleasure is all about the mind, PleasureTorture aims to engage it.

The original PleasureTorture site was found on Tumblr, where the collections of stories and GIFs/captions were posted to expand the content of teasing, denial and forced orgasms that focused on the sensual and the erotic. Videos soon followed, taken from my own sessions. These sessions materialised through people making contact who wanted to act out the fantasies they had read about. After cultivating a blog for people to indulge in their desires, the change in Tumblr’s policy led for a need to move all content elsewhere. All posts had been backed up in the event such a thing would occur, to make sure everything could be found. It has always been the intention to create this website in order to make sure I can tantalise you for as long as possible.

I am fortunate to also be an affiliate with Lelo, so if you are after high quality sex toys and products for yourself or somebody else, there is a link to my affiliate page for your physical needs. I also contribute erotic audio content for Sssh.com, which I am also an affiliate of.  Sssh.com is a wonderful source for ethically produced, feminist porn – female-led and female-focused.

There is a contact page if you’d like to make contact regarding posts, stories or anything related to the site. Email may be the best method regarding submitting content such as photos (whether as a fan of the content or in order to submit an image to use for a future story collaboration, where a short story would be created using your image as the basis) or audio. There is also an ask me anything if you’d like to privately ask anything, make a comment or just make contact a little more anonymously.

The contact page can also be used for inquiries about sessions, whether in person (just like in the videos), or online sessions (similar to the audio posts). As always, safety, security and privacy is always the priority with PleasureTorture, which means it is always your decision whether something gets posted or if it’s just for your privacy.

* I do not claim ownership of all content posted, as GIFS/images created by myself use existing material. I always post a link to the original video or website that the material is owned by whenever possible. It’s always important to show support to the industries that make the visual aspect of the stories possible. If you have any issues or queries, please contact me. Of course, this content is suitable only for those of the legal age to view such explicit material. All models and characters depicted are over the age of 18 and you must be over the age of 18 to view the content as well as submit posts and images.*