Comfort, security, warmth, relaxation… these are some of the most important aspects to ensure the most wonderful masturbation and pleasure. Comfort must be your reality.

However, in your fantasies, in your erotic imagination, you can concoct the most wicked and intense scenarios. When you next touch and tease yourself, you can imagine the helplessness, the lack of control. Restrained and unable to escape, unable to cry out or give any word or signal for it to cease. Trapped and helpless to do anything other than whimper, moan and cry in torturous ecstasy.

The vibrator pressed to your intimacy, unforgiving and unstoppable. Forced to endure orgasms that melt your body and sap your will. There is no mercy. There is no escape. The orgasms continue far beyond your ability to cope with them, far beyond your capability to endure the assault of brutal pleasure. Perhaps your fantasy pushes you further, not letting your fantasy self experience the relief of your sex becoming desensitised and numb to the vibrations. Instead, you imagine it going on and on until you see yourself passing out repeatedly from the cruel ordeal, always waking to the unending barrage of sensations drilling your body and punishing your clit.

Your reality is heavenly. Your fantasy is hellish.

You won’t feel any less comfort, yet you’ll feel so much more intensity.

As much as you try to match the pleasure of your fantasy in reality, you’ll always fail. Yet, the attempt will always be wonderful.

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Every little moan makes it somehow even stiffer, harder. You wonder if she can feel every pulse and twitch the same way you feel every convulsion of her pussy as she comes so intensely once again. You forget how many times you’ve reached the edge, how often you’ve come so close, that silky, slippery, wet little entrance caressing every inch so tightly. All you know for certain is that you won’t stop. As long as she can scream, she’ll take it. Every time she says she can’t come anymore, the next orgasm proves otherwise, which makes every hard thrust and little squeal of pleasure that much sweeter. 

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Uncertainty (5/5)

The fifth time, that burning torment turns into an inferno, a raging fire that consumes you. The feeling takes over everything. No longer fantasizing about the situation or scenarios that would turn you on even more – all your focus is between your legs and the joy which that part of you would feel if given the chance. Finally, you feel that little bit of penetration that you crave. This time you come.

Good girl.

Harder than you imagined, the surprise making you gasp as the orgasm hits so intensely. Then, just as you want more, it slows down, not letting you ride it out for as long as you hoped.

It’s the penetration that captivates you, the mixture of sensations that melt together. Your clitoris is on fire, but not one that you want to put out yet, keeping it going, stoking it further. The next time it stops, forced to edge again, it’s worse. Now that you’ve felt that heaven between your thighs, you have to have so much more. But still, you are made to reside on the brink again and again until you can no longer take it. Once it’s absolutely too much, then you’ll feel what you need most, and it won’t stop… but not a moment before.

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They informed you that with their wish fulfilment package, they would stop nothing short of fulfilling whatever desire you requested.

Now that your body is on fire and your pussy is a swollen inferno of over-stimulation, now that your screams and pleas are doing nothing to slow them down, you begin to wish that you hadn’t solely instructed them simply to make you come until you passed out.

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Helpless Model

She thought the photo shoot would just be a simple bondage shoot, some simulated fun, but nothing too intense. She partly wanted them to use the Hitachi wand properly when they had asked her if it would be okay to involve it in the shoot. Though, in truth, she had expected it wouldn’t even be plugged in.

When she did feel that hum of the vibrator press to her mound, an electric shock seemed to jolt through her entire helpless frame. The sounds of other girls moaning and screaming out in pleasure ebbed through the headphones, creating an even more intoxicating state of arousal. Completely lost in a pitch-black abyss of aural and sensual pleasure, she gave in to her desires and took hold of the experience. The only images that ran through her mind were of how erotic this would look on the website. The only time she strained against it was when the first orgasm hit, yet there were no signs of them backing off with the toy. It remained exactly in that same excruciatingly tender spot even as the waves of pleasure thrashed against her, yet there was nothing she could do to tell them she needed it to back off.

The feeling of complete helplessness caused the welling of pleasure to enhance within, especially when she realized that even her guttural moans of overstimulated turmoil were having no sway. What turned her on the most, however, was that even under the vacuum-sealed cover, she had never felt so naked. With her attention solely on the vibrating menace pressed against her hypersensitive mound, the sleek, smooth sheeting clung like a second skin around every contour. With it revealing every outline of her body and with the aggressively intense pleasure enveloping her womanhood, she felt as if her body was on display more than ever before. Never had she felt so entirely revealed in her modelling career as this, her deepest arousal brought so publicly to the forefront.

All she could soon do was whimper through the next orgasm, unable to see a thing or say a word, just the sounds of ecstasy further fueling her fantasies. Right now, her world was solely revolving around the inferno of those orgasmic peaks and the searing heat between each one that seemed to burn hotter and hotter each time, a heat she couldn’t escape from.

She couldn’t wait to see how hot she would look, squirming in such wonderful agony.

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The joy always lies in the thought of what is next.

Knowing that the vibrations will not yield, wondering how intense they’ll feel after the next few minutes.

Thinking of how you’ll possibly suffer through the next orgasm after how unbearably intense this one is.

Wondering just how sensitive your clitoris will get once the next wave of ecstasy threatens to drown you.

Aroused and terrified in near equal measure of how the device would feel if it pressed directly against your skin, without the barrier of the fabric slightly shielding it.

Curious when you might need to signal the safeword and whether the next orgasmic embrace will grip just that little too tightly. Questioning why feeling the restraints rendering you helpless makes the ordeal even more erotic, no matter how much you fight against them.

Continue to thrash and writhe and wonder; I’ll keep this right here and ensure that you find out very soon.

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I wanted him to restrain me and force me to come more than I’d ever experienced, more than I could ever make myself come.

I wanted to feel that vibrator grind even harder against my clit when I told him to stop, to feel that vibration punishing my pussy when I said it was too much.

I wanted to beg for mercy the way I imagine it when I’m masturbating. I just didn’t realise how intense it would be after the first time I came, how my body would be turning on itself for allowing it to endure this, the battle between what my body can handle and what my mind craves.

It was only seconds after asking him to please let me come that the words ‘please stop’ escaped my lips. With every orgasm, I’d ask it again, hoping that the words would take new meaning to convey what my tensed muscles and trembling limbs could not. I want him to feel for a second what he’s doing to me, to understand what I’m going through, whether that would make him a little merciful. To feel such pleasure that surpasses that moment of devastation and veers into agony.  

But the part that resides deep within, the part that imagined this while I masturbated and edged myself to the fantasy, that part wants it never to end.

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Ghostly Realty

She had tried for so long to sell the property, yet every time a buyer was on the knife edge, they backed out, leaving the residence in her hands yet again. After the situation repeated itself time and time again, she decided to finally look closely into the stories of it being haunted, which she had always laughed off.  After an entire day spent basking in the comfortable, luxurious mansion, there were no signs of any activity that could cause alarm. It was only when she decided to take a nap on the sumptuous leather Chesterfield that she’d experienced what so many before her had sensed.

Without even the slightest creek of the wood-panelled floor, the women materialised out of nowhere and weightlessly formed a circle around their sleeping prey. For so long they had driven others out of their dwelling in order to find those who would satisfy their appetite. To feast on the deepest of their prey’s fantasies, this one would prove to be a most fulfilling banquet.

First, they caressed her, their touches doing little to stir the slumbering female until their forms began to more physically manifest and present themselves upon her body. Once she awoke, she believed she was in a dream, able to notice the faintest transparency in the female forms around her while still in a daze. Only when they began to strip her did she realise it was reality, though it was too late. The whispers seemed to penetrate her mind, telling her that she was in no danger, that they merely wanted to satisfy her desires. Whether it was the way they touched her so tenderly, whether it was the fact that this was her innermost deepest fantasy, or whether they held some kind of power over her, she felt so calm and unfazed by the situation. Somewhere, there was a fear, a sense of unease, yet every time her mind tried to override her body’s passive state, the touches and caresses pulled her back within their grasp. Even when she tried to tear away from them just before she was stripped completely naked, the hands clasped around her and held her back in place, indicating that she could do nothing but give in; she knew then that she was theirs for the taking.

She wasn’t sure whether they could read her mind or her arousal, or whether they had merely done this so many times that they could play any mortal like an instrument, but every touch seemed to resonate more than what anyone had ever accomplished with her before. They teased and tantalised her with abandon until her hips rocked for something more. The female entities then took turns using the vibrator on her, continuously bringing her to the brink before backing off. However many times they had done this, they never grew tired of those beautiful moans, those delightful screams. Those sensations that they themselves could never feel again. It brought them a little respite to bring about such sensations that they could never forget. Trapped in a hell of longing, they would make sure to keep their prisoners in this state for as long as possible. To keep her in their snare of pleasure and to hear her constantly beg with need and then beg them to stop. All the while savouring those screams and moans of orgasmic anguish. The cycle continued; her body was pushed to the edge with the cruel agony of denial before being plunged into the abyss of forced orgasms.

She did not know which was worse, the need she felt when they kept her from coming or the torture of enduring that vibrator being pressed against her pulsating clitoris after she came again and again. Any time she tried to stop it, that inhuman grip held her in place and forced her to endure so much more. It was beyond too much, but she soon realised she would have to take it. Either she could give in and tell them to stop or withstand this constant barrage of torturous denial and forced orgasms, constantly keeping her locked in a cycle of begging for the other sensation to return until the end of the night. Even though it was too much, she did not want this living fantasy to end. Though she felt that even if she pleaded with them to stop, they would not grant her such mercy quite so soon into the evening.

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