Haunted House (Carly)

Carly had been so turned on by hearing the stories of the trapped man” and how people were able to walk by and watch this man being tormented relentlessly. She had pictured him being restrained and stroked to the edge of orgasm repeatedly while she wrote down ‘voyeurism’ on the waiver form, under what she fantasised about most.

Having been separated from her group, she was relieved to be approached by one of the performers. Carly felt a surge of arousal course through her as the woman wordlessly attached restraints to her wrists and ankles. When she soon felt hands jut out from the wall behind her and begin caressing her, she realised that this was just how the story she had heard played out; the thought of taking his place, to be teased to the brink of climax while others simply walked by and watched, set her body alight. The woman stayed and aided the hands in fondling her, the touches becoming more and more intimate. As she became more aroused, Carly noticed that a lot more people were walking by than she had seen previously in the Haunted House. At first, she looked out to see if any of her friends were among these people, then she assumed that these extra people may all be part of the scenario, designed to indulge her voyeuristic fantasies even more. Even if her friends had appeared, however, by the time the hands started to masturbate her, she wouldn’t have even noticed. The culmination of being so openly on display and at the mercy of these dedicated touches was enough to quickly bring Carly to the brink of orgasm: just as quickly, it was snatched away.

Being too impatient to frustrate herself during masturbation, Carly had never teased herself much during her private moments. Being brought to the edge like this was such a new sensation, and it took its toll immediately. After merely the first time those fingers all pulled away, she begged them to finish her off. She wanted to come in front of all the people walking by, yet when the hands continued this sequence a couple more times, denying her the release she craved, she understood that the story she had heard of “the trapped man” was something which they wanted her to fully experience. She was too focused on her need to orgasm to ponder how they could have possibly known that she had heard of the story before.

The woman overseeing her torment did not utter a word in response to her pleas for them to stop and just let her come. Those cruel fingers simply worked her slick, sensitive pussy to a frenzy time and time again. Somehow the hands knew just how to touch her, working her body in exactly the same way she would when playing with herself. Having always let herself come as soon as possible, being made to endure this constant stop-start method of stimulation was too much to handle. After 20 minutes of having her orgasm withheld, she began screaming out for the passers-by to help her come. They ignored her pleas, many simply stopping for a while to watch her sweet suffering. Never had Carly ever thought that her own pleasure could be used to torment her in this way.

Once she would finally be given her moment of release, she’d have to endure the same wicked stimulation all over again from the start.

“Let’s try that again, shall we?” said the woman at last.

Knowing how long they had kept her in that state of need and how merciless they were at teasing her to the brink time and time again, the thought of enduring it further was unbearable.

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