Test Subject: 0073

Day 1: Preparation

Test Subject 0073 has been teased with the Penetrator 3.0. The constantly vibrating phallus has been highly sufficient in causing an extreme need for sexual release throughout the day. As with past test subjects, the intense vibration emitted, as well as its knack for teasing a woman’s entrance with the possibility of penetration, has kept her constantly requesting more. The thought of what it would feel like to have it vibrating that way within them always causes for a desperation to be penetrated as fast as possible.

The subject had also informed us that the addition of the rotating feature to the phallus made it feel ‘alive’ while it teased her labia and clitoris.

As a reward for enduring so many hours of stimulation without climax in preparation for tomorrow, she has been granted full penetration by the machine. It has been programmed to shut off at any signs of impending climax. This will continue for 60 minutes, after which the subject will rest and be prepared to return here tomorrow. I am pleased with the penetrative device’s performance in anticipation for the upcoming tests.

Day 2:

Her responses to the self-regulating devices have been most pleasing. The hand-held vibrating wand, having been set to maintain an orgasmic state within the subject, has succeeded in keeping her locked in a continuous cycle of orgasms when coincided with penetration. The subject has been rendered incapable of coherent speech – other than interspersed begging – as expected.

The self-regulating dildo shall be introduced for the next stage to examine its potency. For now however, testing shall continue with the wand applied directly to her clitoris until the subject can abstain from any speech or noise at all for a total of 5 minutes. So far, only 20 seconds have been reached until moaning and subsequent screaming continued.

Day 3:

The self-regulating dildo has so far proven to be successful; it has been consistent in keeping the subject constantly on the edge of orgasm since the beginning of the test. The instrument has had a 100% success ratio in determining how close the subject has been to climax, effectively adjusting the speed and power of penetrations to keep her from climactic release.

The utilization of the self-regulating wand vibrator in conjunction with this dildo has allowed for the subject to be rendered incapable of completing any verbal tasks without resorting to continued, pronounced begging.

The self-lubrication will allow for up to 5 hours of unhindered penetration, so far the device has been agreeable. It will be beneficial to examine whether the effects of the dildo on the subject are hampered by the wand at all over an extended duration; the findings of which can be used to test the next model of vibrators. We have 2 days until tests of the new model begin, until then, I believe we will have ample time to examine how far this device can push the subject.

Day 5:

The subject has had to once again be tied in place. Findings have shown that without restraint, the automated vibrators have succeeded in stimulating her past the point of tolerable stimulation (herein deemed beyond the limits of self-sustained masturbation) after merely 2 minutes approximately. Now tied in position, the device can work without her interference.

The analysis shows that the device is a resounding success, with the vibrating ends continuously following her clitoris and keeping in contact. Even when the subject attempts to pull away, the device swiftly maintains contact within 0.8 seconds duration. The subject’s movements and attempts to escape the stimulation have not impeded the device in any of the settings; the ability to maintain stimulation at the brink of orgasm but deny release worked flawlessly.

Currently the device has been set to maintain a state of constant orgasmic sensations. It has proved successful in keeping her cycling orgasms far beyond her previous capabilities. Findings are more than pleasing, with the vibrators able to change the pattern and positioning on the clitoris directly, maintaining the optimal level of stimulation without desensitizing the subject.  With the added effects of the dildo also implemented, the responses have been greater than previously seen. The subject has so far been able to promise that she will take part in whatever study we desire so long as the devices are removed from her, stating that the orgasms are too intense. Since that time, approximately 20 minutes ago, the subject has made no coherent communication besides extended screams of climax. This researcher requests further study, for now though I shall simply continue with test subject 0073 in this state in order to see how long it takes until unconsciousness.

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