Tantalizm is a place for edging and teasing content – focused on recommended stories, videos and games that centre around slow erotic build-up and orgasm denial.

Instead of featuring outside content and links on PleasureTorture, you will find any ‘favourite’ content by other writers and creators on Tantalizm. This will keep PleasureTorture focused solely on the original stories and content.

The ‘orgasm roulette’ button will also give entirely random instructions for edging yourself – with the small chance of receiving permission to orgasm if you are lucky (or, if very unlucky, a ruined orgasm).

The forum is also active. It is still in the early stages. Here you can add any of your own recommendations, questions or thoughts. It is entirely anonymous unless you wish to add a username to posts. It will be a way o build a safe teasing community.

I hope you enjoy Tantalizm.com. This will keep PleasureTorture solely focused on original content, and allow for all recommendations of outside stories/videos/audio to be housed in a separate place for easy access.

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