Hello! I just wanted to thank you for the high quality work you do. It is such a turn on without making me feel degraded for wanting to be dominated and helpless. Truly you’ve defined what it means to worship a woman. Continue to be amazing!

Thank you. 

And thank you all as ever for the support and messages.

I want to have multiple orgasms but i keep stopping myself. how can i make a selfbondage device at home

One method to more vividly imagine being at the mercy of forced orgasms: If you have a vibrator such as a hitachi wand style one, you can try using a belt and strapping it around your waist so as to keep it held in place against yourself. Then with it held in place you can remain spread-eagled to allow it to continue to vibrate against yourself while you focus on holding yourself spread out as if restrained in place.

Some Answered Asks

For more, please go to the Ask Me Anything section (apologies for it being down the last few weeks, I didn’t realise there was an error with the form).

When is a new audio coming? I miss the longer ones, those where the most intimate and entising.

A longer one will be coming hopefully within the next couple of weeks (it’s already been completed – was posted on Sssh.com first and i’ll post it here very soon).

I love your audios! I was wondering if maybe you could do one using paint brushes for teasing? You mention it alot in your audios and I think that would be a super fun tease!

A paintbrush or even a soft makeup/powder brush could add some teasing play. Certainly a good idea for a future tease. I do plan on a very slow instructional fingertips only tease for the next upload though. After that I might be able to work on the brush idea.

What happens if we insert a vibrator in her pussy, tie her up for days together without stopping the vibrator.. but having her hydrated?

A delightful erotic idea from a story/fantasy perspective, but impossible in reality. Just as with anything, there’s always a limit to when enough is enough. Using a vibrator for too long causes for overstimulation to the point of irritating friction and/or numbness/desensitization. I wouldn’t ever recommend a vibrator used for even more than 30 minutes without some form of rest in between.

I have a rather weird question…Have you had someone pass out during a session or them tell you their ears were ringing? What if they can’t tell you if they’re close to orgasm because they don’t know?

Only ever from the forced orgasms part of playing together. That’s why aftercare is so important in sessions. Have not had the ‘ears ringing’ statement, more a case of being very ‘out of it’ and in a sub-space state. When it comes to struggling to tell if close to orgasm, that hasn’t really been something that’s come up in sessions; perhaps the constant communication throughout helps, but there’s not been a situation where someone has climaxed too early due to now knowing (though certainly have climaxed early due to not being able to hold back, which is rather fun because it causes more chance for punishment).

An Erotic New Year

Whether you support PleasureTorture through Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/pleasuretorture) , purchased the novel (https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1285526) or simply through following the content on here (or through Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/johneroserotica, twitter and BDSMLR), thank you for letting me guide you through this journey of eroticism.

It amazing to know that the novel ‘Drawn by Desire‘ was finally completed and uploaded. The next big project (aside from the audio projects and video uploads to come) will be the fantasy/erotic horror themed series of stories. Work on Tantalizm.com will also begin as well – focusing more on external videos, stories and instructional teases as a good ‘go to’ source to collect different erotic content.

Another year ahead… another 365 days to be teased, edged and tormented into oblivion.

On December 16th, the longest story I’ve worked on will be uploaded. It features a number of the longest and most detailed erotic scenes tied together in one long novel-length story. The story itself is about 50,000 words long. Afterwards, the erotic scenes themselves are presented in an easy to access, standalone manner for any time you’d want to simply get straight into the fun stuff.

It’ll be uploaded to Smashwords.

If you’ve ever wanted to support the content further, you can find my Patreon at patreon.com/pleasuretorture.

On there I post polls, early access to stories and you have priority say on what would next be worked on, as thanks for the support for the work posted on here.

The novel-length story (Drawn by Desire) will be uploaded within the next week. It has been years in the making however due to procastination it’s about 4 months worth of work spread over such a long period of time. The next large story saga will be a much faster process due to using Patreon as a means to upload sections every couple of weeks moving forward.