Video and Audio updates

Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your patience as ever – waiting in patience for the content to come, just as you are waiting in patience for your fingertips to bring yourself to the climax you crave.

I will be planning to upload the first new video this week. So be on the lookout by the weekend for a brand new upload.

The novel-length story is also having a final read through to ensure there’s no obvious errors (keep in mind too that although the story has taken years to complete, it is not quite years worth of content and more a case of a couple of months worth of work and a lot of procrastination).

I’ll also be working on a new audio very soon (I have put a vote on my Patreon to see which type will be created first out of a few previous requests).


Have completed what I hope to be the final edits to the novel-length story ‘Drawn by Desire’. I am still editing a couple of videos due to be posted. Due to travel over the last couple of months (along with travelling for the next few weeks), it has been slower progress than I’d hoped. But new videos are coming. Also will be working on some interactive content / teases to enjoy. Looking forward to teasing and tormenting you plenty more very soon.

Your breasts, the centrepiece of your sensuality. A weapon of desire to use against you. How they encapsulate what I adore about your sexual essence, how I can focus on just this one area of your body and still have such a direct effect on your sex. Your body is made for such pure erotic exploration. Those soft, delicate curves that entice me so much, making me want to grope, fondle and caress them to my hearts content and to feel the slippery seduction of them coated in oil.

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Assorted Answered Asks

Here’s a few ask me anything’s that have been answered (see the AMA page for more or to ask your own – some updates coming soon too).

Can’t wait for the next passage of pleasure!

Certainly something I’m looking forward to working on (and reworking). I plan to utilise that interactive format a lot more.

would you ever consider making transcripts for your audio teases?

Yes, definitely – I tried running an audio tease through a transcript program recently however it didn’t turn out quite as planned. Though I do intend to create more written audio teases (along with some interactive visual audio teases).

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Your Clitoris (Audio Tease)

Click image for soundgasm link

First you focused on ‘Your Nipples’ so now it is time to lead your fingers down your body.

An audio tease focusing solely on your clitoris. Bask in the pleasure as you arouse yourself with gentle stimulation, tantalising between your legs with delicate touches. Perhaps, when you are most in need, you’ll feel a mouth wrap around it.

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Q:Hey, just wanted to know, what would you say to women with low confidence and self esteem? As one such person, I’m interested.

I simply say that one of the main reasons this blog was created, was for you…

Our sexuality is such a basis of what we are, and creating this blog has always been about feeling secure and confident in your desires and cravings, to explore them in safety, security and confidence; to have confidence in your sexuality can help you feel confident in the rest of you, something from which to stem from. Use these cravings and desires to explore yourself in the most positive and self-appreciative ways possible, and then realise that this should then carry through to other areas of your life. Sure, the moments you spend on the blog and other areas of sexuality may be in your own privacy, but the joy, excitement and fulfilment are all brought about from you, things that aren’t so bottled up after all.

Juts remember, this may exist because I care, but it only continues to exist because you care.

A little checklist on projects in the works/planned.

The ones in bold are already being worked on (I have already created a mini ‘favourites‘ area which will be updated over the coming weeks and months. The ‘Nipple based audio tease’ is on the cusp of completion, with the clitoris focused tease to be a follow up to it. These are in between other mini updates and works (including instagram and twitter updates).

  • Completed story (finish final edit to post story) also bonus scenes
  • Patreon weekly updates
  • Fully embark erotic saga placeholder title ‘sexecutioner’
  • Recent Nova Gold Video short video (awaiting permissions on edits)
  • Nipple tease audio (A)  finished
  • Paint brush teasing video
  • Vibrator audio tease
  • Hypnosis themed story (written and audio collab)
  • Self denial (private show follow up) audio tease
  • Clitoris focused audio tease (B)
  • Written instructional audio tease – interactive and standard
  • Re-upload videos using eporner for backup viewing ease
  • Update search feature for ease of use
  • Lovesense app themed post
  • Passage of pleasure update video post/interactive post
  • Tickling themed post request
  • Continue harry potter themed erotic spells stories
  • Audio version for Two Participants