“The physicality of those restraints. To think about nothing else but those cuffs curled tightly around your wrists, knowing that when I’m thrusting hard into you from behind – when you are about to tell me it is too much, that you need that deep and intense pounding to stop – those restraints are what will make sure that you can’t stop me from taking you for as long as I desire.”

Content created by: PleasureTorture


It brings great pleasure to announce that I’ve been working with Sssh.com and am an affiliate with the website.

With a focus on porn for women, I hope you greatly enjoy the high-quality content created. I have also contributed audio posts for Sssh.com and plan to create much more over time as well.

If you would like to browse and even join their website, please click on the banner below (here are some of the articles which also show my partnership with the site):




Ask Me Anything – Answered

Happy new year! Just wanted to say I would love to hear that audio session you mentioned in a previous answer, have you decided on whether you will upload that or not?

Update – it’ll be posted within the next couple of days.

Can’t see your videos anymore. Any plans for re uploading them?

I’ll be verifying the pornhub profile to hopefully make sure they get put back up or at the very least allow me to re-upload them on there. If there’s any issue with that though, I will be re-uploading them elsewhere for sure.

I’m curious about something and I can’t find a good answer. Does edging during a denial period intensify a woman’s neediness? Or does it provide a certain amount of relief? The fact that I would beg desperately to tease myself or be teased makes me think it provides some amount of relief. Being kept in no-touch feels like an aching hell of unrelieved arousal. But I commonly hear it said that edging builds need and desire over time, as in “Edge as much as you want, sweetie, you know it will only make it worse later.” But is that true? Any thoughts?

It certainly provides a sense of relief, though can increase the need of release. A bit of a double edged sword. That is why even during times when I perform sessions with others, the act of edging is held back for some time… in other words, simply playing with someone up until the point that they could reach the edge, then backing off… all to add to the intensity and the need. Try playing with yourself without fully letting yourself edge, you may find it increases the frustration greatly, until the act of edging alone feels like a reward. Personally, I am not fond of ‘no touch’ for extended durations (more than a few days or a week) – the focus should always be on pleasure – edging provides the dual goal of adding to the frustration, yet still providing a further sense of erotic relief, as well as allowing you to indulge in your fantasies and desires while choosing whether to climax, or further revel in the pleasure of denial if you so wish.

I was wondering if you could list links of your favorite porn videos? I’d be interested in exploring what scenes inspire you. Thanks and Happy Holidays, sir.

I will do. Most videos I have are ones that I have saved over time, so it’s a little more difficult to locate them online (which is also why I try to include the sources on each post to provide support further for the original creators of the videos). Anything else that I find online, I will create a list of, most likely alongside the pornhub link which will have my favourited videos from there as well. I’ll post an update once I have made such a list.

More can be found on the Ask Me Anything page: https://www.pleasuretorture.com/ama/

Under Mistletoe

Christmas eve, the flicker of a flame bathing her smooth skin, a mere ember compared to the inferno of need that raged within her. She swayed her hips a little, hoping to entice the man standing beside her at the foot of the bed, yet it was to no avail. Still his hands continued to massager her. Tantalizing her, his hands continued gliding along her back, caressing her raised ass cheeks, coursing along her sides, outlining the contours of her delicate frame. If only he’d touch her more instead of only teasing the sides of her breasts, instead of merely toying with the lips of her sex, so exposed and easy to penetrate.

Her pussy could get no wetter, so plump with arousal, doing all it could to invite those calculated fingers into that silky soft delicacy. Yet he was deliberate, there was still so much more time.

“Turn,” he whispered, gently, yet commanding.

She smiled as she turned, surely this would be the time?

As she turned over on the pillows, while he coated his fingers with more of the lubricant, she looked around for a clock. To her disappointment he had removed any indication of time, only his phone alarm would indicate when Christmas day officially arrived.

Now on her back, the mistletoe hung in full view above them – the cause for her predicament. He wanted her to see it once he filled her with disappointment again, denying her the fulfilment of giving her the orgasm she so desperately craved. With her hips raised by the pillows beneath, her womanhood was so fully presented to
him, yet still he merely traced his fingertip around her mound.

Her body trembled as his fingers slowly and deliberately circled the stiff peaks of her nipples, threatening to give her the relief of pinching them, before stopping and
tormenting her pussy once again. She finally broke down and began begging him once he toyed with her clitoris. The way he peeled back her clitoral hood to expose that tender morsel, before circling it cruelly, forced her to plead for the orgasm she had been torturously denied for so long.  Just a pinch, the thrust of a finger – anything.

“Not until we kiss under the mistletoe.”

Her mind raced back to their Christmas work do, just a couple of days ago. How they’d been with their colleagues, standing together under the mistletoe when he leaned forward to kiss her. Her words becoming her own torment, ‘no mistletoe kisses until Christmas,’ she had said with a cheeky laugh. She had stopped him then, but right now she’d do anything for that kiss.

Clawing at the bed in the agony of desire, she had no idea how long until he’d make her come. 10 minutes? An hour? He’d tease her relentlessly for as long as it took.

All she was certain of was that when the time came, she knew exactly where she wanted him to kiss her.

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Ask Me Anything recent questions:

I am a writer just considering putting her toe into erotica, and your site has been a source of pleasure and inspiration. (Thanks, BTW!) My question: how often do you accept/dramatize other people’s erotic work? While hearing how this would be dramatized, I like to think I can contribute to someone’s pleasure.

It’s a pleasure to inspire other outlets of erotica! I would certainly love to discuss further the possibilities of hosting other content (or perhaps even collaborating a little if that is something you’d desire). Please do feel free to reach out to me through https://www.pleasuretorture.com/contact/ or simply [email protected]

your videos seem to be purged off of porn hub, any plans on uploading them elsewhere or verifying your account?

I do plan on verifying my account on there (hopefully early this week), but if there is any issue with that, I will have them reuploaded elsewhere for sure.

Your erotic horror content is what I look forward to the most!

I’m glad you enjoy it; it’s certainly a genre that I find very entertaining to write in. Though the fact that it’s featured less frequently possibly also adds to the allure of it. While Halloween period is the main time for it, over Christmas there certainly will be a couple of posts which will feature erotic horror, as there should be in the Christmas season!

There is also more over on the ‘Ask Me Anything’ page.

Some AMA answers

For more ask me anything answers, or to write your own: https://www.pleasuretorture.com/ama/

The next post will be a test-subject based one

good sir you have absolutely ruined me. i cannot get off to anything but your audios. sending you some love and thanks during these weird times. cannot wait for the next audio <333

Hi! When do you think you’ll post a new audio?? I’m in desperate need of something new to get off to, and your audios are my favorite ones 🙂

Hi there. By the end of this coming week is the plan.

Hi! I was wondering if you had any good advice for someone who gets really sensitive really fast, often to the point of things no longer being pleasurable after a few minutes of anything but teasing. (Abt girlfriend, not me, if that changes anything!) (also, Long time follower, BIG fan of your work!! (: tysm for everything you do!)

Hi there. That’s a difficult situation, as there could be many factors that may help. If she’s able to masturbate to bring herself to orgasm, perhaps incorporating that more into play may be of great benefit. Also perhaps using this as a means to build up to things could be rather erotic… teasing all over her body before becoming a little more direct, then just before things get too sensitive, repeating the process (or focusing on areas that this doesn’t impact so much) before repeating… may help build to more of a crescendo that overcome the sensitivity. Please do message back if there’s any further development with this (and if you find any method that helps) – but overall, patience will always prevail. Personally I have never been fond of ‘quickie’ sex, due to preferring to spend the time exploring someone… so even with this situation, it’s still providing reasons to explore what can be done to add extra pleasure to your play. If you’d ever like to message directly to update, please feel free to. Wishing you both good luck. And thank you for the support for such a long time, appreciate it so much.

I know you focus on female orgasm denial but I was wondering if you would be willing/able to make one for ftm (female to male transgender) individuals? It would really only need to have different pronouns, same parts that you know so well 😉

There will be a number of male denial posts on the way (presently the focus is on reposting the content that had all been on Tumblr previously). I’ll also be looking to upload a number of posts that are from a first or third person perspective to allow for a lot more immersion for such a situation.