Halloween may be over, but we’re only just getting started with the erotic horror.

Look out for posts between now and Christmas that will focus on some supernatural seduction. Christmas, in particular, is often a great time to add some ghostly vibes.

Ask me anything answers (various selected AMA’s from here:

I know the audio has been out for a while, but I’m listening to “Symphony of Pleasure” at the moment & wondered if you know the source of the crazy hot background audio you used in it? While I adore the audio as it is, I’d love nothing more than to be able to see the scenes unfold at the same time in future listens. Thank you for all the amazing work you’ve been doing!

Great question! The clips are all from various scenes found on Sssh.com These are the selection of scenes that were used from the Sssh videos: The Watcher, White Hot, Sweat, A Day in Paradise. I plan to utilize similar audio ideas in future in conjunction with Sssh.

I’m accessing this website on my mobile device, is there any way to search for specific stories?

The Archive is now fully up and running. Also the categories section and search feature are good ways to find stories.

When will the nipple tease be posted?

It will take a good few weeks before it is completed. Is taking more time than I expected. Though the recent Halloween audio teases (look out for flash postings if you haven’t heard them yet on here, or hear them at any time on Sssh.com), are very focused on breast and nipple teasing – “The Whispers’ is solely focused on this.

Assorted Comments

These are a number of questions which had been asked on different platforms:

is there any way I can message you personally? I can’t stop thinking about you. I want you to tell me exactly how to touch myself, I want to be a good girl for you

Absolutely, contact details can be found here.

I love your site. Just reading about what the women are experiencing during these tests makes me wet and throb with desire. I am so jealous of these girls. 😉

Thank you. I plan to create many more to showcase the various levels of pleasure one can bring about, and the kind of things you can fantasise about so vividly. 

I think if I ever heard your voice, no matter where. I would automatically become submissive and drop to my knees for you, you’re my dream dom. 😍

Hopefully, the future audio teases have you fantasising about that scenario much much more. Having me restraining you and then whispering to you exactly what I’ll be doing to you, just the words alone making you shiver in delight. 

I wandered onto your site almost by accident (if Googling ‘female edging challenges’ could ever be considered accidental 😁). You have created quite the corner of the internet here, I love it! I listened to the first person female edging video – I’m not sure I’ve ever orgasmed so hard. Thanks for the work you put into this site 🙂


Tantalizm is a place for edging and teasing content – focused on recommended stories, videos and games that centre around slow erotic build-up and orgasm denial.

Instead of featuring outside content and links on PleasureTorture, you will find any ‘favourite’ content by other writers and creators on Tantalizm. This will keep PleasureTorture focused solely on the original stories and content.

The ‘orgasm roulette’ button will also give entirely random instructions for edging yourself – with the small chance of receiving permission to orgasm if you are lucky (or, if very unlucky, a ruined orgasm).

The forum is also active. It is still in the early stages. Here you can add any of your own recommendations, questions or thoughts. It is entirely anonymous unless you wish to add a username to posts. It will be a way o build a safe teasing community.

I hope you enjoy Tantalizm.com. This will keep PleasureTorture solely focused on original content, and allow for all recommendations of outside stories/videos/audio to be housed in a separate place for easy access.

Hello! I just wanted to thank you for the high quality work you do. It is such a turn on without making me feel degraded for wanting to be dominated and helpless. Truly you’ve defined what it means to worship a woman. Continue to be amazing!

Thank you. 

And thank you all as ever for the support and messages.

I want to have multiple orgasms but i keep stopping myself. how can i make a selfbondage device at home

One method to more vividly imagine being at the mercy of forced orgasms: If you have a vibrator such as a hitachi wand style one, you can try using a belt and strapping it around your waist so as to keep it held in place against yourself. Then with it held in place you can remain spread-eagled to allow it to continue to vibrate against yourself while you focus on holding yourself spread out as if restrained in place.