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It would be nice if you included some teasing over clothes in the nipple play passage. I hope there’s also a lot of buildup, anticipation and very gentle teasing.

The chest-focused audio tease will be coming soon. Though teasing over clothes is something I’m reserving for a future tease (I want to make multiple nipple-focused teases).

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If you have ever wanted to support PleasureTorture (or by extension, Tantalizm – which is still in the early stages), the affiliate sites ( and Lelo) and my novel are great ways to get something and still support the erotic cause.

My Patreon is also here:

I use the Patreon to weekly or biweekly early-access written posts and polls (and the occasional early audio post), though keep in mind that the Patreon is more a means of if you’d like to support to help with the cost of the site and upkeep (just want to temper expectations).

Finally, your comments, asks, and simply the visits to the site are all wonderful means of support, and I thank you. Halloween season is upon us, and so too will be a longer erotic-horror story.

Work has also already begun on the ‘Passage of Pleasure’ style written tease focusing a lot on teasing and nipple play.

When things escalate, when the teasing becomes a little too much, sometimes you need to be reminded that you need to control your desires. I know you want these fingers to explore you. I know you want to be stripped and toyed with. Perhaps, if you’re a good girl, once we’ve taken a few photos, you’ll get a little of what you crave.

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Images from: PleasureTorture teasing session

Tantalizm is a place for edging and teasing content – focused on recommended stories, videos and games that centre around slow erotic build-up and orgasm denial.

Instead of featuring outside content and links on PleasureTorture, you will find any ‘favourite’ content by other writers and creators on Tantalizm. This will keep PleasureTorture focused solely on the original stories and content.

The ‘orgasm roulette’ button will also give entirely random instructions for edging yourself – with the small chance of receiving permission to orgasm if you are lucky (or, if very unlucky, a ruined orgasm).

The forum is also active. It is still in the early stages. Here you can add any of your own recommendations, questions or thoughts. It is entirely anonymous unless you wish to add a username to posts. It will be a way o build a safe teasing community.

I hope you enjoy This will keep PleasureTorture solely focused on original content, and allow for all recommendations of outside stories/videos/audio to be housed in a separate place for easy access.

Assorted Questions

These are a number of questions which had been asked on different platforms:

Hey! I love your content and I know how hard it must be coming up with new posts to publish frequently, so I was wondering why don’t u recommend other stories and things from time to time? Thank you for everything so far and keep it up

This will be happening through a separate website. The details and link will be up in the next post.

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Thank you for still updating your site with such wonderful content after all this time <3. Your gif captions, stories, audios, and videos all get me lost in a cocoon of dreamy arousal that’s hard to feel from most other erotic internet repositories; even your crueler stories/ideas are never contemptous, and I appreciate that!

Always love the response to posts and thoughts about the content on the whole. Thank you.

The following updates also tie into answers in the selection of ‘ask me anything‘ responses below.

An archive section is underway – allowing for a much easier time navigating GIFs and the accompanying stories you want to find. It may take another week, at least, until it is fully up to date. This is to be found in ‘Categories’ and then ‘Archive’.

This is also replacing the favourites section, where external content such as stories, videos, and audio would be posted. This is due to another website which is to focus entirely on this. I’ll post details here soon.

A majority of posts (including previous ones, which will be re-edited) with GIFs will show the text first, with a ‘read more’ click to then view the image. The main reason for this is that it will increase the speed of the website, avoiding large amounts of GIFs having to load on every page. For those who do not like the images and only want text or audio only, this will be a benefit as the imagery won’t be as visible. For those who enjoy the imagery, it will allow for larger GIFs to be posted with the stories, as I won’t have to worry about making the images smaller to avoid a slowdown on the page.

My tumblr site is also a text and audio-only site to prevent it from being deleted by Tumblr again.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of these things. Thank you for all of the messages and asks here and outside of the main site. Below are a few answered asks.

It is taking longer than I had hoped to work on the nipple-based tease, but rest assured, it will be coming, along with a few other projects.

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