Assorted Questions

These are a number of questions which had been asked on different platforms:

Hey! I love your content and I know how hard it must be coming up with new posts to publish frequently, so I was wondering why don’t u recommend other stories and things from time to time? Thank you for everything so far and keep it up

This will be happening through a separate website. The details and link will be up in the next post.

my boyfriend can’t really make me cum 🙁 or maybe to be more exact i can’t really let him make me cum? so often when he touches my clit it’s way too intense in an unpleasant way and he doesn’t get it even when i try to explain so he pins me down and keeps going, which is kinda hot tbh but there’s no way it’ll make me come :/ sometimes it gets sooo close but i can’t really relax enough or something? and this is with lots of guidance to him on my part. any advice- is there something wrong with me?

Nothing wrong at all. It’s just that not everyone reacts to the same things in the same way. Him holding you down and continuing certainly sounds incredibly hot, though in terms of getting to climax, it may be that you’ll have to masturbate yourself and add that into your play together… for example, having him watch and tease you while you masturbated yourself and see if you can bring yourself to orgasm that way. In time it may help with guiding him towards what kind of touch feels best, a way of slowly integrating him into the methods that get you off best. Worst case scenario, you’ll be experimenting with things a lot more, but you’ll just have to bring yourself to climax – at least you still have lots of fun regardless. Never any need to put too much weight on orgasm when the journey can be so enjoyable.

I listened to one of your audios earlier and I can’t stop thinking about you. Your hypnotic voice alone is enough to make me yours. I desperately want to be dominated and fucked by you.

Hopefully the future audio tease in particular which will focus more on vibrator based teasing will have you fantasising about the scenario much more. The thought of being held down and having that vibrator pressing against you, knowing that when you come, there will be no stopping it happening again and again. Aside from a vibrator tease, there’ll be more asmr style sexual audio planned for future to aid with the immersion even more.

I never thought I would ever wish to be a sub…until I’ve found your blog…Oh my god…just looking at this makes me edge…I wish someone could tease me like this…It’s completely changed my mind on sub/dom…THIS IS HOT! This could really get me begging…wish there was a way to convince my partner into this…BUT YOU’RE SO GOOD!!! SO GOOD!!! SO GOOD!!! If you know anyway to help talking someone into this I’d be so grateful for suggestions! Thanks! Keep up the AMAZING work…!!! xx

Wonderful to hear, and hopefully you can experience it just the same way. It’s not so much talking someone into it as just showing the person how much you enjoy it and slowly integrating them into it. Perhaps showing your partner how you love edging by masturbating for them and telling them what it does to you may have them wanting to make you feel much more of it, to take that control of your pleasure. 

I have a confession/suggestion that i wish to get off my back. I am a straight man who has been reading your work for several years now. I have had various sexual experiences but have never enjoyed them the way i had envisioned it in my mind and i have come to a realisation as to why. Deep down inside i wish to experience pleasure through a woman’s body. Im running out of space, tldr maybe u can try writing your stories from a first person perspective of a woman. Im sure im not alone.

It is definitely something that will be seen more in future stories (there are already a couple to be posted in future that have the 1st person perspective angle). Also, there is a story in the ‘Collected Works’ release which has that perspective. This will also be an aspect delved into with the future fantasy novel I am creating – a little bit of ‘body swapping’.

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