Haunted House (Stephanie)

Toys Multiple-Orgasms Bondage. Stephanie couldn’t decide what fantasy turned her on the most, the waiver form showing clearly that she had many desires on her mind. The Haunted House did not want to deny her any satisfaction.

When Stephanie and the remaining companions entered a room full of smoke, they all started to become drowsy.

“We need to get out of here,” yelled one of her friends.

As they all began to sprint through the room, a case of the blind following the blind as they aimlessly pressed onward, Stephanie became sluggish and fell behind, succumbing the most to the effects of the smoke, which seemed to possess the quality of sleeping gas. Once the rest of the group exited the room, only just about making it out before giving in to unconsciousness, they realised Stephanie was gone. They did not dare venture back, leaving the sleeping girl to whatever fate the haunted house had in store for her.

She woke up alone in a small room, surrounded by toys that made her shiver at the thought of how they’d be used on her. Only the screams of ecstasy and erotic torture could be heard in the other rooms, making her anticipate what was to come even more, not knowing what to expect but imagining that she was in for hours of constant pleasure. Finally the tormentor came, sealing her fate in the room of orgasmic hell. Her deepest fantasy of being restrained and forced to orgasm until she was begging for it to stop – and beyond – was finally being lived out. Her pussy juices continued to drip along the plastic sheeting while she squirmed and screamed; wordlessly, he kept making her orgasm without remorse, without rest. 

He did not say a word to her, no matter how much she begged for him to give her a moment of rest. Even when it became too much to handle, when her clitoris agonisingly throbbed from over-stimulation as the vibrators nestled against it, she hoped she would be given no mercy. Nobody had ever even tried to push her this far, always stopping when she said she couldn’t come any more, even though she truly wanted her partners to try and force her to orgasm even more. Her silent captor seemed to know of the erotic cruelty she secretly yearned for.

Now and again, the tormentor would give Stephanie a ruined orgasm just to make her whimper and ask for more, to be allowed to feel the relief of a full orgasm. It was as if to torture her further, making her soon wish that she hadn’t asked for more once she was forced to endure even more cruel convulsions of overbearing pleasure. The restraints made it so much more intense; to be so helplessly confined, to be so completely at another’s mercy.

Once over-sensitivity started to take over, with the vibrators not able to draw as much out of her, the tormentor changed tact. Stephanie could not close her legs or move away as that tongue wreaked havoc with her swollen clitoris. Such soft, delicate, calculated movements intended to elicit every moan and squeal of rapture. After all of this, after being trapped in this whirlwind of ecstasy, Stephanie was certain that her dreams would feature this exact situation for many years to come… as would her nightmares.

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