Your need is a reflection of my own.

The need to reach the pinnacle again and again. The absolute longing for a pleasure that is too much to bear. A desire to be helpless against that all-consuming ecstasy that burns so deeply.

Throughout every convulsion and twitch, through every shiver and shudder, you long for the type of orgasmic release that I could only dream of. Pleasure beyond my comprehension.

It burns too hot to clutch for too long. Yet to be shackled against it, to force oneself to press to it indefinitely. That is a pleasure I could not withstand. Yet, I will make sure that you withstand it… throughout every screaming, tortuous second.

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In those most sensual recesses of your mind, you can escape into your deepest fantasies. Whether you wish to experience them in reality, or simply bathe in them through your imagination, you can let your desires to be touched, fondled and explored so intimately consume you as you gasp sweet syllables of intense stimulation.

Imagine yourself strapped and spread apart, your body felt by many hands eager to caress you. Imagine the way your legs would buckle as those fingers relentlessly rubbed against your delicate sex, feeling the heat from all those bodies surrounding you, each delighting in your moans and shudders of ecstasy. Imagine how you would not want them to stop, no matter how intense it became. Give in to your longings; the more you fantasise, the more vivid they become.

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Image source from: NewSensations