5 thoughts on “Play With Me (Audio Post)”

  1. Ohhh my…thank you so much for sharing 😉 This was an incredibly hot listen! Listening to you moan and cry out in pleasure, struggling to hold out, your frustrated sighs…mmm…definitely gets me there 😉 I’m more of a femdom, so hearing you edge was quite a treat! (I imagine myself watching you tease your partner ;)). I think the lady you’re teasing deserves even more payback for what you do to her 😉 I do love the idea of seeing who could hold out longer…who could standing the torturous edging pleasure the most…And you’ll find I’m not a “good girl” – I’d want you to lose 😉 (A little post-orgasm torture thrown in might be fun too 😉 )

  2. Your voice never gets old🤤 I’ve been an avid listener of your audios for a few years now, but this one is definitely my new favourite xx

  3. I’m begging you to do more of these! Hearing your breathless moans, I felt like just the noises you made would have sent me over. This got me so wet extremely quick.

    1. Thank you – I certainly will be in future – it was very very enjoyable and pleasurable to create too.

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