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Happy new year! Just wanted to say I would love to hear that audio session you mentioned in a previous answer, have you decided on whether you will upload that or not?

Update – it’ll be posted within the next couple of days.

Can’t see your videos anymore. Any plans for re uploading them?

I’ll be verifying the pornhub profile to hopefully make sure they get put back up or at the very least allow me to re-upload them on there. If there’s any issue with that though, I will be re-uploading them elsewhere for sure.

I’m curious about something and I can’t find a good answer. Does edging during a denial period intensify a woman’s neediness? Or does it provide a certain amount of relief? The fact that I would beg desperately to tease myself or be teased makes me think it provides some amount of relief. Being kept in no-touch feels like an aching hell of unrelieved arousal. But I commonly hear it said that edging builds need and desire over time, as in “Edge as much as you want, sweetie, you know it will only make it worse later.” But is that true? Any thoughts?

It certainly provides a sense of relief, though can increase the need of release. A bit of a double edged sword. That is why even during times when I perform sessions with others, the act of edging is held back for some time… in other words, simply playing with someone up until the point that they could reach the edge, then backing off… all to add to the intensity and the need. Try playing with yourself without fully letting yourself edge, you may find it increases the frustration greatly, until the act of edging alone feels like a reward. Personally, I am not fond of ‘no touch’ for extended durations (more than a few days or a week) – the focus should always be on pleasure – edging provides the dual goal of adding to the frustration, yet still providing a further sense of erotic relief, as well as allowing you to indulge in your fantasies and desires while choosing whether to climax, or further revel in the pleasure of denial if you so wish.

I was wondering if you could list links of your favorite porn videos? I’d be interested in exploring what scenes inspire you. Thanks and Happy Holidays, sir.

I will do. Most videos I have are ones that I have saved over time, so it’s a little more difficult to locate them online (which is also why I try to include the sources on each post to provide support further for the original creators of the videos). Anything else that I find online, I will create a list of, most likely alongside the pornhub link which will have my favourited videos from there as well. I’ll post an update once I have made such a list.

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