On Display

“Please! Please! I’m begging you!!” 

Depending on what time you arrived, that plea could either have been a desperate cry for anyone to let her come or a tortured scream for the orgasms to cease. 

It all began with a simple suggestion.

“How about we use me to draw people in.”

The rest of the group wasn’t sure what Veronica had meant. However, when she explained the idea further, they were all on board. It had been a long time since this group of friends had attempted to raise money for their college dormitory. Though even the last event, selling erotic artwork, had proven unfruitful in trying to make enough to upgrade their common room facilities.

Having done some modelling shoots recently, Veronica had built up a little following at the college. She thought it would be a good idea to use her rising allure to entice people to come to the event. Keeping things under the radar, the group had been able to host some very sexual parties in the past; this would be no different. Veronica reasoned that there would be many people in the college who would pay good money just to touch and fondle her. While her friends agreed with her that all patrons must remain fully clothed, they certainly had bigger ideas for the event – and for Veronica.

When the night came, while wearing her favourite lingerie and restrained to the central common room chair, Veronica was almost shaking with excitement. She had fantasised so often about being the centre of voyeurism and public play – this was a dream come true. Before it began, her friends blindfolded her; Veronica was now a prisoner to her fantasies and her heightened sense of touch. With her wrists and ankles secured to the chair, she was free to give in to her desires.

For five dollars, every person had up to five minutes to touch, caress and grope her. The thought of being so exposed while all of these people were free to explore every inch of her body with little restraint kept Veronica sizzling with excitement. Once she felt fingertips tracing along her skin, she instantly sighed with delight; merely the anticipation and her fantasies already had her wet with arousal. With the blindfold, she had no idea who may have been touching her, whether a man, a woman, a stranger or somebody she knew. All she knew was that every touch was intended to elicit a little moan of pleasure. Her thighs, her sensitive pussy, her neck, her waist, her cleavage, her breasts, her achingly stiff nipples… so many places for those eager hands to tantalise. Every little touch, pinch, stroke and tweak made Veronica writhe in the seat, wonderfully helpless as the pleasure was piled on. She couldn’t keep up with each sensation, each individual touch amassed to one sweeping motion of ecstasy – every single facet coming together for a single purpose – like an orchestra of arousal. 

First, there was the anticipation, then the longing, then the arousal, and then came the frustration. Every time it seemed as if the multiple clawing hands, exploring fingers and massaging palms were working in unison towards Veronica’s crescendo, they slowed down and then stopped. Five minutes was no time at all, just enough to bring her to a pinnacle, making her moan and rock her hips as a signal that their touches were having the desired effect, then stopping – ready for the next in line. She began to get more vocal until, finally, she needed to start begging. The only responses came from her friends, every time telling her, “No!” 

If only she had known that her friends had also created a little game with everyone, stating that whoever was the first to make her come would have to pay an extra $50. Perhaps then she would have known why each person was slowing down every time she got close – and why every plea for someone to finger-fuck her and stroke her clitoris harder fell on deaf ears. 

Most of the time, it was a group of people surrounding her and working her to a frenzy, though occasionally, a single person spent their five minutes playing with her body. When it was just one person, she could follow every single path of movement, every sensation, so much more vividly. Whenever it was just one person kneeling between her legs, circling her pussy, keeping her little entrance convulsing constantly in need, she repeatedly begged for more. Veronica had given up trying to count how many people had taken their turn. Forgoing any pretence of restraint, she simply screamed out that she needed to come, begging anyone to just penetrate her. Soon she began pleading for someone to fuck her. Any finger that approached her mouth she sucked enthusiastically, hoping to excite them enough to force the need to just feel their cock inside her wetness. Still, they would not give in. She was just so close.

She didn’t know that her friends had brought toys; once the first vibrator was pressed to her throbbing clitoris, she knew that there was no way they could keep her orgasm at bay any longer. The moment she cried out that she was coming, she heard the annoyed exclamation from the perpetrator. Veronica did not hold back, squealing out ecstatically, her body arching in bliss, wanting every attendee to bask in her delight. The one who had caused this, however, made sure to get his money’s worth: the vibrator stayed in place, pressing a little harder to her hypersensitive jewel. As Veronica came down from her pinnacle, expecting the show to be over, the person in control of the toy did not relent. With the device pressed to her pussy, Veronica pleaded with the man to let her rest, that her pussy was too sensitive. He didn’t listen. He simply let the vibrator drag her towards another orgasm. 

The predicament – and being at the centre of her deepest fantasy – caused Veronica to be a prisoner to her body’s desires. Even once the five minutes were up, more people were ready to take their turn. Now that she had come and was clearly multi-orgasmic, nobody felt the need to hold back. She was trapped between what she wanted and what she could handle; her body had become so sensitive that even the little glancing touches to her nipples made her want to recoil and recover. Yet, every five minutes, they were able to force another orgasm from her trembling body. Every new sensation made her yelp in pleasure: finally, the fingers that had teased her so cruelly were now delving inside her, working her to a frenzy. The dildos and vibrators that her friends had provided made her shake with every thrust, giving her the penetration she had begged for. Even once someone knelt between her legs to wrap a mouth around her clitoris and suck it intently, she groaned in delight at the sensation before screaming out that it was too sensitive after the next orgasm took its toll. 

Veronica, on display – succumbing to the wicked sexual desires of the attendees and her friends – had no idea how many people at the college had known about this event. 

“Please, how many left? I can’t take any more orgasms!”

Her question wouldn’t get a response. Her friends knew just how much Veronica wanted this and just how happy she’d be to raise a lot of money. They had advertised this event not just across the college but in various swingers clubs throughout the area. There were so many people who had attended; Veronica would be pleading with every single one of them to let her rest, just for a moment, without her body being touched. She had no idea just how many people wanted to force her to orgasm over and over again, how many people wanted to watch and hear her moan and shake in rapture.

Veronica, on display – forced to orgasm while restrained… repeatedly, relentlessly.

On display… exactly as she wanted.

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