Audio Tease 1 Transcript

A transcript for Audio Tease 1 (edited where necessary).

Just imagine your pleasure in my hands. Now, I want you down to just your panties, the last line of fabric protecting that delicate sex.

Just trail your hands straight from your shoulders in towards your neck.

Just feeling how soft your skin is.

Sliding your fingers up your neck, towards your chin.

Then back down.

Down between your breasts, just traveling your fingers along your cleavage down your body.

Towards the hem of your lingerie.

Just let your fingers trace along the waistline.

Then down towards your thighs.

Just caress your thighs, stroking your fingers up and down.

Think of my fingertips stroking along your body.

Now back,up your stomach towards your chest.

Stroke along your cleavage.

Let your hands just brush along the inside of your breast. 

Now, slide your hands in circles around your chest, right around your breast.

Nice, slow circles.

Make the circles smaller and smaller, tracing your fingers over your skin.

Slowly hone in towards your nipples.

Nice, slow circles getting smaller and smaller. Until finally, you are just circling your fingertips around your nipples.


Now just slide your fingers again down to your cleavage,down your tummy, down towards that sensitive little slope.

Just feeling every delicate, gorgeous curve of your femininity.

Caress your body.

Now, focus on your chest once again, caressing your breasts, but avoiding those nipples.

Just gently circle them now.

Good. So close.

Now, just with the tips of your fingers, slide down over the very tips of your nipples. Barely touching.

Now back to circling.

Good girl. keep circling. Just think of my slow, soft tongue teasing you there.Feeling how stiff they are, ready to clench my teeth gently around them. My lips pressing to them.

Now back to sweeping the tips of your fingers over them.

With your thumb and finger, ever so gently just wrap them about your nipples as if you’re about to pinch them.

Apply only the slightest pressure.

Just gently roll them between your thumb and finger. Barely touching. So frustrating, isn’t it? Wanting to pinch them so much.

Now caress your breasts harder. Fondle them while you feel your nipples pressing against your palms.

I know you want so much more attention.

Imagine someone behind you, those arms wrapping around and caressing you, squeezing your chest firmly.

Slide your hands down your body.

Let your hands travel over your thighs again. As you caress your thighs stroking up and down, let your thumbs just brush along the fabric of your panties

Now slide your hands back up, sliding across your chest and then back down.

Now just stroke your finger over your panties, feeling the softness of your mound.

Let one  finger slip underneath your panties, slowly down over you sex.

Feel how soft and inviting it is.

apply a little pressure against that little opening.

Not too much. Just how much do you want your finger to sink inside?

And now back up, back up to your chest

Circle your nipples.

Now just sweep the tips of your fingers over the tips of your nipple.

Keep going.

Now remove your panties. Take them off and expose yourself. Naked before me, every inch of your body, mine to torment, to torture with pleasure.

Now, slide one hand down between your legs.

Just let your palm rest on your sex.

Feel the heat of that little place.

I want you to expose that little clitoris.

Circle it for me.

Keep it nice and exposed and circle your fingertip around it. as close as you can get without touching. Just think of a soft tongue tracing circles around it, ready to lash against it. Knowing that I have already told you that I’m not going to stop no matter how much you come and beg that it is too much.

Slip a fingertip over it five times.

Now back to circling.

Imagine it being sucked. Feeling it trapped within my lips as my tongue lashes against it relentlessly.

Stroke it 5 times.

Good girl, back to circling.

Now just slide your finger slip down your pussy, down to your entrance and just let it sink slowly inside.

Feel that warmth, that wetness, but keep it still… just holding it within.

Now, masturbate yourself as your desire, get yourself right to the edge.

You’re not going to come until I let you, and then you won’t stop until I command it.

Keep going. Keep going.

Don’t stop. Closer. Closer.

Get right to the edge.


feel the heat emanating from your sex, radiating through your body. 

Again, right now.

Don’t you dare stop. Think of tongues trapping little clit,  working you to the edge relentlessly. Mouths wanting to feast on every tender morsel. 

Don’t stop even if you get to the edge – hold it for me.

Take it… ride that edge and do not dare come.


Back to circling, nice slow circle around your tender clitoris. Think to yourself how the harder I get, the wetter and softer you get.

Masturbate yourself for me again. As fast as you can.

You are going to hold it. Don’t you dare come. Hold yourself on the edge as long as possible.

Hold it.

Imagine me strapping you down, sucking your pussy ferociously. Imagining the intensity of my desire to fuck you.


Now, pinch your nipples hard. Pinch and tweak them between your fingers. caress your breasts as you pitch.

Let go. Slide your hand back down.

Make sure you keep your body as still as possible, is if you are strapped down, your legs spread. Imagine yourself completely helpless. Try not to move at all.

Now, circle your clitoris once again.

I know you want to come, but I’m not going to let you, not yet.

Get yourself to the edge once again.

You’d better get ready to come…

Stop… back to circling your clit.


slide your finger down your sex, down to your entrance. Just seek your finger just at the entrance, so close to slipping inside.

Imagine just the slightest bit of penetration as it sinks in barely… and back out. Slowly again, just sliding in… and back out. Slowly, all the way inside.

Just hold it fully inside

feel your sex clenching on it.

Keep it there while you imagine my finger inside you, whispering to you exactly what I’m feeling, pussy contract. Telling you that this very second I can feel it squeezing around my finger, telling you how I could think of my hard length having it quiver around me like this.

Now masturbate yourself for me.

Keep working your finger inside, thinking of fucking yourself for me. I want you to edge by fingering yourself. Keep going, you’re not going to come. You’re going to get on the edge for me. Get right on the edge. Imagine my palm slapping against you while I fingerfucked you hard.

Stop. Slide all the way out.

Slide it back inside again.

Work it hard. Think to yourself about being stripped down and mercilessly fucked, your pussy juices trailing down those fingers, down that cock, down that mouth as it sucks you hard. Keep going. Hold it. Don’t you dare stop. Hold it. 

Stop. Now. Keep your finger inside.

Don’t you dare move it.

Keep it inside.

Work yourself to the edge once again.

Keep it going. I want to you so close to the edge that you can feel your sex contracting.

Hold it. That pussy so swollen and dripping for me.

Just imagine how it feels for every inch of my shaft buried inside. Feeling those contractions around it.

Stop, give your nipples a pinch, groping your chest just as you desire.

Now, with your thumb and finger just take your clitoris between them is if you’re about to pinch it, but just roll it between them. So slowly and gently, that tiny little sensitivity at my mercy.

Now work yourself to the edge however way you desire.

I know you want to come so bad.


Again, now.

Keep going, no rest in between.

Feel how sensitive your body is. Every inch of you on fire.

Again, now

Imagine being pinned down, not being able to stop the constant stimulation of that sensitive clit. Hearing the sounds of your own desperation merging with the sounds of me sucking on that little spot.

Come for me now… 

Do not stop, no matter how intense the sensation becomes. Climax for me and keep your fingers working.

Stop only when it becomes too much to possibly handle..

Just let your palms rest on your thighs.

Just relaxing, breathe deeply.

Just let one finger slide up your thigh.

Just let it press gently and steadily against your clitoris. Without moving, completely still.

Just the slightest movement now… very slowly shudder your finger from left to right. Very, very gently. Such a slight movement that you can barely see the motion.

As if your finger is vibrating barely.

And just slowly build it up. As if you are turning your finger into a little vibrator, keeping it right on that little spot.

Keep it just building slowly

Slowly get a little faster and press a little harder. Keep it vibrating against it. Feel it building inside. The heat rising, feel it inside you now… I know you’re closer, keep it going. Faster, faster, faster.

Get ready.

Let your body arch, your hips rising. Keep it going. Keep it going, concentrated on that little spot.

Come hard for me.

You can take it…

Keep going.

That’s it.

Now just just slow down.

Move your finger away.

Let your palms just rest on your legs.

Just nice deep breaths.

Nice and slow. Your gorgeous chest rising and falling. Feel so calm, so at peace. The pleasure washing over you. Knowing that next time, I’m not going to take it easy on you.

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