Thank you to anyone who has supported through Patreon. Due to this, I’ve been able to update the website to a better host, allowing for more content to be posted (I was running out of space on the previous one -they didn’t allow as much GB used for uploading GIFs and images). So for everyone, expect higher quality, updated GIFs compared to some of the Tumblr posts (many of which I am still in the process of re-editing to make them look much better). A few of the posts that were put up on Patreon early will be getting posted here soon too.

I’m now able to create transcripts for the audio posts (some who are hearing impaired asked for more text based teases in particular), I have already posted a transcript for the original, 1st audio tease. Please do message me if you’d like to see the other older audio teases have the same work done to them.

The goal will be to also have some more professional pictures taken, something to look forward to in future. 

There will be some more audio posts coming as well – though for now, expect the full version of the video ‘come for me intensely’ this weekend.

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