Your Sweet Torment

Let your imagination wander, your fingers will soon follow…

The tease is designed for use with a vibrator, though use whatever setting you feel best with. If you struggle to hold the vibrator or keep it against you when things get a little more intense, try using a belt around your waist to keep the vibe trapped in place (or placed beneath your underwear) while it is left on (this would also allow you to keep your arms and legs spread to further immerse you).

Do not dare orgasm until given permission of course, though if you do, be sure to stop and ruin it… then punish yourself by ruining your next orgasm.

Helplessly, all you can do is give in to the desires ceaselessly coursing through your body. Restrained and blindfolded, even the slightest touch from our fingertips sends a surge through you. Never has your pleasure been so out of your hands, entirely out of your own control.

We will keep you on the edge for what will feel like hours… never giving you the mercy you shall plead for. Relentlessly we will torture you, as however much you scream in pleasure, it will never be enough to satisfy our desires. 

Just lie back with that vibrator next to you, eagerly awaiting its sting of pleasure against your bare skin. First just stroll your fingers along your body and imagine the fingertips that you crave are dancing across you, exploring you. Once they have mapped out your body, begin to circle them just around your chest, trailing slowly around those gorgeous breasts. Slowly work inwards, taking the slowest, most scenic route to your nipples. Then just keep circling around your nipples until you absolutely must touch them. The moment you touch them, stop, then start all over again, but this time using your palms to caress your body all over. Massaging every wondrous curve and contour. Once you are back to caressing your breasts, keep those fingers away from giving your nipples what they really need. Just barely touch them, the slightest glance over the tips now and again, but keep them desperate for more.

Once you are on the verge of being unable to stop yourself from playing with your nipples, stop touching altogether. Now spread your arms and legs out wide, imagining yourself restrained, the way you’d pull on the cuffs to see if there was any way of fighting against what was to come. Now, pick up the vibrator…

As the wand is pulled away, you beg us for more, until the moment that pulsing vibration settles between your legs once again, taking your breath away. That’s it, arch your back, tensing your body, hoping that this will be the moment… but again, your torment continues.

Stay locked between heaven and hell as these teasing fingertips continue to work, trailing across your body as you try to regain composure once more. We feel your heart beating so fast against that rising and falling chest. We all smile, knowing you’ve never experienced anything like this.

Turn on the vibrator and stroll it down your cleavage, down towards your mound, then back up once it gets so close to that little place that wants to feel it most. Do it again and move it close to your clitoris before stopping, right on the verge of touching it with the vibe, then back up. Now just let the vibration press against your nipples, just for a moment to feel that power. Imagine how that will feel on your pussy in a moment. Slide it down slowly again, but this time, let it slip right over your clitoris and down over those delicate lips. Slide it up and down like that, from the curve of your mound right down to your wet little entrance, 10 times, as slow as possible.

Now just tap your pussy with the vibrator repeatedly, giving it just a taste of what it wants. Keep your hips as still as you can while you do that. Repeat that tapping motion until you can’t take it and your hips give in to thrusting against it.

Now just press it right against your pussy. Keep it there until you feel it, the need to come… then stop. Give yourself a little time to recover, then do it again. Take the vibe off the moment you edge…

Your moans echo around the lab; no matter how many promises are made or how loudly you cry out for it to stop, we’ll continue to edge you over and over again. The blindfold will soak up your tears of desperation for an orgasm we will not allow. Your pussy is on fire, every inch of your body seems to leap out to embrace the ecstasy; we know exactly what you are feeling, that’s why we want it to last so much longer.

All you can do is helplessly pray for mercy…

That gorgeous pussy contracts continuously while your thighs try and clench together, trying to protect your swollen, dripping wet sex from so much torment.

No longer can you talk, you can barely think, unable to even continue to beg and bargain for release. We look down and smile as you writhe, adoring every moment.

This time you will not get any time to recover. Place the vibrator right against that most delicate little spot and keep it right there. Get to the edge and stop the moment you hit that pinnacle. As soon as you’ve taken it away, put the vibe back once again, not giving yourself more than a few seconds to rest. Do that 5 times in a row.

Return to just tapping your pussy with it while you let your other hand tease around your breasts and around your nipples, still never pinching them or touching them the way you truly crave. Once you are desperate to edge again, put the vibe back in place. Edge yourself 5 times, again only giving yourself a couple of seconds rest in between. After the final edge, return to just strolling the device up and down the slope of your mound slowly, not hard enough to edge yourself again yet.

The two wands resonate deep within your sex. It is too much and not enough all at once, yet just as you get to the brink, it is stolen away once again, leaving you to whimper in disbelief.

Rocking your waist, bucking your hips, hoping to entice us to push you over the edge, the despair renews itself. Straining against the cuffs, trying to will the climax onto yourself. If only we would pinch those overly stiff nipples, if only we would do more than simply brush our delicate fingertips against your needing body, maybe it would quell the sensual agony.

Your body is ours, made to endure more than even the most depraved, erotic depths your imagination could have envisioned. Yet again, you are met with silence as you beg us to let you come. Shake with pure frustration as the burning need within that womanhood goes unfulfilled. Your climax pulled away time after time.

Press it hard against yourself and edge yourself. Once you reach the edge, hold it there. Do not let yourself orgasm. Just hold yourself on the brink for 10 seconds then stop.

Once you recover (but do not take longer than 15 seconds), do it again, this time hold yourself on the edge for 20 seconds.

Good girl. Now just rest for 20 seconds. Push it against your pussy and get back to that point, hold it right there and count down from 40 seconds. No matter what it takes, do not come. Once you reach zero, stop.

You can take that again… just relax, and get ready… hold it now for 60 seconds and count down once again, stopping when you reach zero.

Now rest, but just keep the vibe teasing around that soaking wet delicacy.

Once you can take it, press it again to yourself and hold it there until you cannot handle it anymore and have to come. Once you are that point where you can’t hold it, stop. Repeat that 5 times. Once you’ve done all 5, you should be begging us for that orgasm. If you aren’t, do it another 5 times. Repeating in 5’s until you cannot withstand it. Then take off the vibe and get ready…

We press down on your hips, immobilizing you even more, wishing to add to the torture as much as we can. Every cry of need adds to our joy, yet we never respond, the silence making you suffer even more.

Every time it presses to your clitoris, every muscle tenses, yet we know just how to keep you right on the edge of orgasm and hold it there.

Kept on the edge for so long, you’d do anything in the world to stop it; we have made sure you are helpless to do anything but endure it. Trapped at the point where every second feels like an hour.

When the wands pull away, it feels like you’re dying; you want to cum so bad it hurts. The way we hold your hips from rocking with need makes the agony so much worse.

Your body is coated in sweat, breathing so hard and fast as we ceaselessly continue our merciless torment.

Yet again the vibrations drill into your very being, coursing through every fabric of pleasure. Like an inferno inside, it builds in seconds as usual, so much denial turning into an orgasmic time bomb…

Edge yourself with the vibe and hold yourself on the brink until you can’t hold it any more, then stop, just on the verge. The moment you stop, keep tapping the vibe against your clitoris, constantly teasing off and on. If that action gets you back to the brink, slow it down. Once doing that no longer pushes you to the edge again, press it firmly against your pussy and bring yourself right to the edge. Repeat this sequence until you feel as if one more touch to your sex would thrust you right over into an orgasm…

Suddenly you’re there; it is faster than ever expected. It stays held to your throbbing pussy, pressed between those legs with intent, driving you over that cliff. You explode.

Your body arches as every muscle clenches, an eruption of pleasure filling your existence. The only thing that matters is the gushing intensity between your legs. The sensations which felt like they would never come have so quickly consumed you.

It doesn’t stop for a moment, what so suddenly had become wonderful release has so quickly become a new prison of its own.

You start to strain as it becomes too much, a new kind of torture. Your body convulses and quivers uncontrollably, unable to withstand the feelings being forced upon it; if only you had a choice. From the very beginning, you were ours. If only you could close your legs, to stop or at the very least control the sensations. We will not grant even this one mercy.

All you can do is endure.

All time is lost in this little world of beautiful agony.

Get to the edge and hold it. Count down from 60, do whatever it takes to last the full 60 seconds, even if you have to take it off now and again, but do not give yourself time to recover. Good girl. Get right to zero…


Keep the vibrator pressed tightly to yourself while that orgasm bursts forth. Do not stop, no matter how intense it feels. Force yourself to keep it held there. Now rub the vibrator up and down while keeping it pressed firmly, letting those vibrations penetrate to your very core. Bring yourself to another orgasm. Make yourself climax in this way as many times as you possibly can…

After what feels hours, when you are nothing but a quivering jelly of a girl, we remove those panties. You could not feel much more helpless, yet this simple act, being able to feel the air on this overstimulated, twitching pussy, seems to add even more to the feeling of submissiveness to us.

You barely have the strength to cry out as I slide the bullet vibrator inside, followed by my fingers. The moment these fingers explore, the fire in your body is lit once again.

You can scream, you can try and move away, whatever you do, it will not stop. The bullets resonate uncontrollably inside, pushed deeper and deeper by my fingers which drill within, stirring your body to further heights of orgasmic punishment.

If you wish to penetrate yourself, use either your fingers or a penetrative vibe to slip deep inside yourself and work yourself to another orgasm right away. Work yourself as fast and intensely as you can. Once you cannot make yourself come anymore, you may stop.

Just let yourself relax, finally you can pinch your nipples and grope your chest the way you have wanted to from the beginning, all the while just breathing deeply and calming down.

We know when you are truly spent, when every ounce of will and resistance has vanished… when you can truly no longer come for us.

The nurses shall look after you, making sure you are ready for it to start all over again tomorrow.

Good Girl.

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Image source from: DMM / Pussy Beauty Salon 6

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