Tumblr Blog Terminated

As of today, it seems that the Tumblr blog ( http://pleasuretorture.tumblr.com/ ) has been officially terminated by Tumblr. I’ve put in a request to try and get it back. The page was mostly just used to post updates for new content here, but it was still nice to be able to keep easy contact with people who wanted to message just through Tumblr, which is why I want to try and keep some form of connection on Tumblr still.

In the meantime I have created a new sfw blog which will only have text based posts to avoid the wraith of Tumblr, so follow me here to keep updated and for easy direct messaging: https://pleasuretorture2.tumblr.com/

The twitter page is the fastest way to get updates too: https://twitter.com/PleasureT0rture

Of course, this is the main hub, where all of the deleted Tumblr posts will be re-uploaded (re-edited to look much better as well).

If any of you could please post this or even details of this on your Tumblr page (or wherever possible) I would be grateful, just to keep people informed of what’s going on and where to find the content now. Thank you.

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