The Masseuse

If he knew how much he’d be internally screaming out with need for an orgasm, he’d have never denied himself for so long.

Having abstained from masturbation, he had decided to book a massage to unwind with his long-time masseuse, though never had he expected it to become so sensual. She would massage his body with the most tender touches, her hands so attentive as they caressed his back, arms and shoulders before moving to his legs. When she had done this before, there was only the slightest hint of sexuality, the lightest touch a little closer under the towel than he’d expected. This time, however, it was as if she knew that he had abstained for weeks and wanted him to suffer.

He wasn’t surprised when he turned up and found the masseuse with a female accomplice; often, the pair massaged him together. What did surprise him, however, was that the trainee focused only on his upper body while his masseuse concentrated only on his lower body. It was clear right from the beginning that she intended to make life as difficult as possible, to set his imagination alight. Instantly she brushed her hands up under the towel, sweeping along his buttocks, then his inner thighs, just enough to have his mind’s eye focused on his manhood which she was so close to. Her hands crept further and further upwards with every movement as she stroked along his upper legs.

While trying to keep his mind off her fingers being so close to his cock, he soon noticed that the usual soothing background music was mingled with the sounds of women moaning in pleasure. He dared not speak, though as the other woman focused on massaging his upper body, his masseuse spent a great deal of time with her hands beneath the towel. Even with him on his front, she let her fingers graze along his balls and barely touched the tip of his cock, certainly not by mistake. Unsure how in on this the other woman was, he kept his cool and didn’t reply, simply feeling the blood rush to his length as she kept grazing his cock with her soft, warm fingers.

He tried his best to relax, to simply focus on the warmth of the room and the softness of the fingertips against his skin, though the occasional sexual moans in the background of the audio were too much to ignore. These erotic sounds kept him focused on the fact that he had not let himself orgasm in at least a month, if not longer. All that his body wanted was to feel the gush of pleasure shoot through his neglected cock. His mind began to comply with what his body wanted, aided by the moans and the touches along his body, thinking of how these women knew how erect these sounds would make him. He pictured them adoring his stiff cock, how they could take turns stroking him in the way he had abstained from doing for so long. A surge of arousal ran through him as he thought about how intensely he would come after having held back for so many weeks. Lost amid the thoughts of being stroked and sucked by these two gorgeous women, he snapped back to reality once he was asked to turn onto his back.

He didn’t utter a word as he flipped around, keeping the towel in place. He was unmistakably erect, though neither of the women seemed to acknowledge this as they continued their work. When his masseuse’s hands crept beneath his towel once again, he had to stifle a moan when she brushed the base of his cock, massaging the deepest recessed of his inner thighs. However, she did ease off and begin massaging back down along his lower legs and ankles. He wondered if this was all in his mind. He felt foolish that his cock was pushing against the towel, an unannounced spectacle, though he appreciated that no remark about it was made. Amidst the moaning sounds, it was unlikely that it would settle down, yet once the masseuse slid her hand back under the towel, he was sure that she wanted it to remain erect. Her hand got as close to his cock as it could without touching it. His length involuntarily began to rouse, swelling further to attention and pushing against the towel. While lying on his back, as she continued to massage his thighs, he did not dare cover it with his hands as this would have drawn too much attention to it, though she clearly already noticed. Looking down, he could see that she wore a devilish smile as she continued to massage him, paying careful attention not to touch him directly but still slipping up under the towel. He secretly wished she’d touch him more, though not feeling comfortable enough to voice the desire.

Even though he was fully erect, there was still no direct acknowledgement of it while the women continued their slow massage. His masseuse simply continued to massage his inner thighs before finally focusing on his cock. She never touched it directly. Instead, she merely worked her finger around every elevation leading to his shaft and beneath his balls, massaging his perineum and outlining his sex perfectly. Having gone so long without masturbating, his length seemed like it would burst with the need for attention. He wanted to thrust his hips up to have her touch it, though he controlled himself and stayed still. Usually, his sessions lasted one hour. However, it felt like this length of time had already passed. The woman working his upper body never stopped caressing his chest, arms, shoulders and neck, while his masseuse never stopped in her pursuit to seemingly torment him to madness. For what felt like another hour, the pattern never changed as her fingers continued to glide agonizingly around the base of his cock and his balls, though never quite touching them directly, only grazing them.

Finally, once he was sure that they would signal that the time was up, the masseuse let her hands brush along his cock purposefully, causing his frustrated length to strain further against the towel. Even as he said, “please,” the women did not acknowledge him further. They continued their steady work while the sounds of women moaning continued to play within the soothing music, making it even more unbearable. Her delicate fingers trailed up and down his inner thighs, letting her thumbs glide along his balls and up against the sides of his engorged length.

After what was undoubtedly an hour, with his cock bulging, while trying unsuccessfully to think about anything other than his need for release, his masseuse pulled the towel open.

With a gasp of joy, he pushed his hips forward a little at the relief of his cock being able to spring free, fully erect and on display. Although keeping his eyes closed, he could almost feel the two women gazing at his length. They continued their work as if nothing had changed. When he finally opened his eyes, he looked down to see his erection swaying in rhythm, pulsing with his heartbeat as her hands continued to stroke around it, keeping it firmly positioned upwards and as prominent as possible.

Finally, the masseuse let her fingertips lightly caress the base of his length. He moaned in appreciation though did not utter a word. Far from the relief he had hoped for, this merely added to his frustration, as she only seemed to be intent on teasing the base, constantly threatening to slip further up his manhood yet never fulfilling his desire. As much as he began to thrust his hips up and down in a signal of need, there was no further stimulation. Once she went back to caressing his inner thighs, she took care to let her fingers also glide along his balls with much deliberation. This direct attention caused his cock to continuously throb and twitch due to his imagination working in overdrive. He imagined the pair of women taking turns masturbating him, then imagined them riding him, basking in joy at how it would feel to have their wet holes cradle his desperate length.

He could feel the blood pumping through his cock, coursing through every vein while it swayed on display. He’d never been put in such a situation before, yet he wanted nothing more for these two women to acknowledge the aching length in view. As if on cue, slapping wet sounds on the audio mingled with the moaning, indicating intense, wet, penetrative sex, which made him want nothing more than to have these two women take turns thrusting on top of him. All he could think of was how it would feel to have them bounce up and down on his cock, hearing their wet pussy lips engulf his throbbing mass as he thrust up into them, the sounds of hard sex resonating through the room as he’d moan in joy. This, however, seemed not to be the intention, as they continued not to acknowledge his dire need.

His cock continued to throb in such desperation that he contemplated reaching down and simply stroking himself while they massaged him. As if reading his mind, the masseuse clasped her thumb and index finger around the base of his shaft, squeezing it enough to further engorge his achingly hard erection, making it twitch with each pulse even further. As she did so, the other woman also began to massage further down his body until her palms were caressing around his pelvis and hips, occasionally sweeping along his inner thighs. To have their attention entirely on this segment of his body made it even more unbearable.

“Keep it still,” came the masseuse’s only instruction, as suddenly she walked her fingertips up his cock in an excruciatingly slow manner. She stopped right when his cock began to twitch from the attention only an inch up. The women did not acknowledge any of his pleas to touch him, stroke him, or finally suck him once he became desperate enough. Instead, the masseuse continued wordlessly, trailing her fingers slowly up his length, stopping every time his cock twitched in response. No matter how much he tried to will his cock to stay still, he couldn’t help but tense under the pleasurable attention. The furthest her fingers got was halfway up before his resolve gave out. His body naturally reacted, his muscles contracting and forcing his length to twitch and sway under her gaze, ceasing the attention instantly.

The two women began to take turns, one dancing her fingertips along his hips and outer thighs while the other trailed her fingers up along his manhood. Both sensations were slight enough to almost tickle, though both had the same effect of making his cock pulsate, thus frustratingly ending the stimulation. Even when they began merely trailing their fingers against his inner thighs, then slipping along his tight balls, he couldn’t keep his length from twitching in vain for further attention.

“Please, it’s been nearly a month since I last came!” He bellowed, hoping for some mercy at this declaration and for them to take pity on how in need he must be. Instead, he was merely met with sympathetic smiles while they continued their methodic ministrations. Each began to take a turn gliding a palm along the underside of his cock, barely wrapping the fingertips around it enough to offer a full stroke but merely providing the most glancing of touches. It was as if they simply appreciated just how long and swollen he had become. That thought alone caused him to thrust his hips wildly up and down, hoping they’d grip him tighter. They continued to touch him in this same way without interruption, ignoring his desperate action.

Once it seemed like no end was in sight, once he thought of simply masturbating himself right there and then, the pair suddenly switched things up. They each took a turn gripping the base of his cock and stroking upwards before letting go at the end. While this still caused his cock to twitch wildly once let go, the firm stimulation was a welcome relief. As each woman took one stroke, the pause between their hands switching caused even more frustration. After another 10 minutes of this, once he began to continuously beg them to let him come, once he felt his entire body was shaking in need, his masseuse took complete control. She kept her hand wrapped around his length once she reached the tip of his manhood, then slid it back down.

The combination of this teasing and his duration of denial meant that he reached his peak remarkably fast. The other woman simply continued to massage his body while keeping her eyes locked on his. Seeing her smiling at him while his cock was stroked so slowly and tenderly made him want nothing more than to strip and fuck both women hard. He pictured it for a moment, pounding them until they were begging him to stop as much as he had begged them to let him come. He wanted to make them come until it was too much. His cock, which they had teased so cruelly, would be an instrument of punishment for them both.

Her smile, her gaze, his own fantasy, and the attention to his achingly erect length was too much to take. With a hoarse exhale and a jolt of his hips, he came. Just as his cock tensed and his cum erupted from his swollen red tip, both women gripped his wrists tightly to hold them in place right as the hand let go. His cock spasmed and convulsed in orgasm and the unbearable need for more stimulation. With his hands clasped to his sides, he buckled his hips and thrust into the air as if the motion would aid in releasing the pleasure that seemed to be halted within his cock. While his cum shot out over his body in a climactic eruption, his pleasure merely trickled, the lack of stimulation stifling the joy he wanted to feel.

Panting, covered in oil and cum, and occasionally jerking to the post-orgasmic trembles throughout his body, he finally opened his eyes to see the women looking fondly down at him. His masseuse finally spoke.

“You mentioned you denied yourself for about a month? That means we’ll see you again in another month, doesn’t it?”

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4 thoughts on “The Masseuse”

  1. I love whenever you write about massage and edging and ruined orgasms. There is just something about being massaged and almost lead into the trap that is being completely relaxed when you’re getting an amazing massage, and then to interrupt that with teasing and orgasm denial just makes into an incredible story. I wish you had more of these since I always re-read the ones you have.

    1. There will be more than 1 follow-up to this story – I’m planning on it being a mini trilogy.

  2. I’ve never had a massage but after reading your missive I feel I need a hot soapy shower, a towel wrapped around me and to be taken by a very experienced masseuse.

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