She had long heard stories of the property, how sometimes the sounds of females moaning could be heard within. Regarded by many as the house of pleasure, it was still her job to try and sell it no matter what people believed about the building. Her curiosity had certainly taken hold after hearing tales of women appearing within the property, strangers who lured trespassers into long nights of constant sexual torment, though often these tales were met with complete disregard. It was only when she heard the sound of the showers running that she decided to investigate for herself.

Once she entered the shower room, she was greeted by a group of women who seemed ready for her, as if they existed solely for her own fantasies. The sense of warmth and welcoming beckoned her onwards, as if entranced and magnetised towards these people who surely weren’t real; it was as if the moment she laid eyes on them, any sense of fear or disbelief was washed away. Whether ghostly entities or a figment of her own imagination, they were there with her right now, there to make use of her erotic presence.

Stripping her down, she felt utterly powerless, as if a mist of lust had wrapped around her body and mind, a puppet dangling from the strings of these women who seemed starved for every naked inch of her. Whether holding her against the wall or pinning her down, they always seemed to make every effort to show their control, as if they had access to every one of her fantasies involving other women. Whether they were part of a sexual cult, or whether they were beings beyond her own understanding, all that mattered was that these women were solely interested in smothering her with pleasure, a suffocating pleasure that would not relent – ecstasy that they did not wish for her to escape from.

The more they explored her pussy with their fingers and tongues, each taking turns to pin her down, to finger her furiously, or to suck on her clitoris, the more they were able to overpower her and prevent her from escaping. There would be no rest throughout the night; she simply had to endure countless orgasms that constantly threatened to make her pass out, something which the women were careful to make sure never happened.

The unyielding, pulsing bliss between her thighs was never given a moment to subside. No matter how much she tried to get away, they continued to grip her and pull her back into their clutches, as if the sight of her convulsing, writhing body made them hungry to see her climax more. Seeing the smiles on their faces every time they pushed her that bit too far, she began to wonder whether they enjoyed the moments when she tried to push their hands away from her overly sensitive pussy after each orgasm – she’d have plenty more opportunity to wonder that for the rest of the night.

Due to the lack of natural light within the shower room, there was no way of telling whether they’d toyed with her until the morning, though at some point, she finally passed out, only to wake alone in the room, naked and exhausted. It was still so warm and hazy in there. If it hadn’t been for her exhausted state, she’d have wondered if it had just been a dream. Though what she didn’t know was that she needed to make sure not to fall asleep in her exhausted state… to find herself still there come the evening would mean that she’d have to endure it all over again. Perhaps this was the reason why the women always did all they could to truly exhaust their prey.

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