Just A Glitch

Just a glitch.

Just a glitch, she thought to herself, hoping. The buzzing once again slowly built up after that abrupt halt. The internet feed continued, so there didn’t seem to be any power outage; she thought that it must have been a malfunction of the Sybian vibrator’s program. It turned her on more than anything to know so many people were watching her in this state of pleasure, ready to see her orgasm over and over again. She had always been so sensitive, so easy to bring to orgasm. Little did she know that the purpose of the set was quite the opposite. 

Just as she got close to orgasm once again, the vibrations penetrating to her very core, it stopped just like before. She had no time to voice her concern as it started back up straight away. The people in control of the setup were happily watching her, along with the rest of the viewers online, pleased with what they were seeing. If she knew that the cuffs around her wrist were able to read her heartbeat, as well as sensing any strain she put on them from tensing when she was close, perhaps she’d never have agreed to be restrained. With how sensitive and multi-orgasmic she was, she certainly would not have ever wished to be part of this programme. 

Again and again, it turned off right while she was at the very brink. It wasn’t long at all until it became pure torture for her, yet there seemed to be no way out. No matter how much she called or screamed out, nobody would answer. However much she wanted the torment to stop, her body kept responding. Her clitoris could not escape the violent buzzing, keeping her juices gushing down the device. Her body was so aroused that it only took a few seconds each time to bring her there, so close. Just a little flicker of stimulation seemed like it would be enough to tip her over, yet all she could do was wait again and think of all the people watching her, thinking of all the things she imagined them wanting to do to her. Still, it wouldn’t force her just over the edge. 

She thought the viewers were watching to masturbate to her ordeal of forced orgasms. Instead, they were taking much gratification in seeing her being teased and denied beyond her limits. The way her thighs clenched each time it stopped right there, the way her mouth hung open in disbelief and pleasure at that moment, the way her chest pushed forward as she tried to grind against the Sybian when it stopped, all the little details were so intoxicating. 

Every muscle in her body clenched each time it paused to keep her stewing in ecstatic torment as if her sex tried to unsuccessfully milk out some form of release. She had no idea how much they loved seeing her taken to this new realm, seeing someone cross between the lines of pleasure and torture in ways they could not have comprehended. To see someone pleasured in a new way is a true joy. To see them tortured with it was their dream. 

She cried out and begged. Nobody would show mercy, though deep down, she knew that the viewers were adoring those little screams of need.

It’s just a glitch, she prayed. 

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Image source from: Dungeoncorp

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