Haunted House (David)

Laying him down on the table was easy once the zombie nurses whispered to him that he was soon to experience the delights he had written down on the haunted house waiver. The thought of having his cock teased without him being able to stop it aroused him greatly. Once they laid him face down, his cock slipping through a hole in the table, he sensed what was to come, particularly when they strapped the cuffs around his waist, wrists and ankles to hold him helplessly in place.

David still had no idea where his friends were even after spending the last ten minutes searching for them through the maze of pitch-black corridors. He had welcomed the clutches of the performers once they found him, particularly once they started to strip him, though they never told him where the others were, no matter how much he quizzed them. Just as he felt something touch his exposed manhood, speakers began to play the moans and screams of the friends who had vanished. Those sounds alone aided the slight touches in stiffening his sensitive length.

It was a dream come true as what were unmistakably tongues teased and toyed with his shaft. With every inch of it exposed for them, the ladies were able to explore it to their desires, wanting him soon overcome. Once he was fully erect and throbbing, they began to take turns sucking on the tip lightly while the other trailed her tongue along the underside. All he could do was try to thrust downwards, tensing every muscle in a bid to have them engage him more; instead, they merely smirked at one another, knowing that he’d soon be begging, just like those before.

Amongst the moans of pleasure, he could hear one of his companions begging desperately to be allowed to come. He could not fathom what must have been going on, but her pleas were more desperate than anything he’d ever heard in his life. It turned him on unbearably, which in turn eased the work for the ladies below in bringing him so desperately close. Though their attention upon his member never was quite enough to set him right where he needed to be. Somehow they knew just when to suck on that engorged tip and just when to stop.

Every twitch was a sign of just how far to take him, every little dance of frustration a little glimpse of how much to push him. Being unable to see them or interact with them in any way made it more torturous than David could have comprehended. There was no way to bargain or plea with them. He was merely their object: they were like cats toying with their prey. Every minuscule lick to his shaft caused his length to tense as if it were fit to explode.

Once his cock began to continuously drip with precum, he begged them to let him climax as the girl’s pleas pierced through the speakers before her screams returned. Only when he couldn’t last would they let him come, once even the gentle flickers of their tongues would send him gushing forth. Though even then, while he came from such light stimulation, they’d keep that motion continuing, those delicate, teasing licks. How he’d wish they’d give him just a little more.

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Image source from: Klixen

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