Don’t Stop

“Don’t stop!”

Those words she had uttered so long ago would be used against her over and over again.

Victoria had suspected something was unusual about the photo shoot, considering how abruptly her friends seemed to have planned it, yet she couldn’t deny that the idea enticed her. Doing a fully nude erotic shoot, with all four of them posing together, was never something that she’d have admitted to fantasising about, yet she agreed the moment they suggested it. 

The moment her friend’s boyfriend entered the room and began setting up the camera was when she realised something was off. She looked at him, blushing at the thought of their night together only a week ago, and saw his smirk as a sign that the girls knew their little secret. Her friends pounced, pulling her down onto the makeshift bed and wrapping her in a blanket of skin and eager fingers. Part of her wanted to escape, to push them away and run from the room, yet her deepest desires kept her locked in place.

“You told him not to stop making you come? You just couldn’t get enough, could you? Don’t worry; we’ll abuse your pretty little pussy just the way you wanted him to. ”

Victoria couldn’t bring herself to look at the man they were referring to, hearing the clicks of the camera shutter as he documented her entrapment. 

All of the friends were in open relationships, with the boyfriends and girlfriends intermingling at parties and smaller meet-ups. Victoria, however, had met with this boyfriend without notifying his girlfriend, assuming that he would have told his partner beforehand. A silly mistake, one that these girls wanted her to pay for. Victoria always loved the way he dominated her, the way he’d fuck her so hard and make her feel as if she had no control over her body when in his hands. He always seemed to penetrate her a little harder and faster right as she climaxed – adding an intensity that straddled the line between painful and addictive. When they last met, she didn’t want him to stop making her come until she had to beg him to stop. As punishment for this illicit meet-up, these girls were going to do very much the same; she had little time to wonder whether this was something that had been planned right from the beginning or whether the moment the man had asked her to meet up alone was when she fell into their trap. 

“We’ll fuck you for as long as we want. You’ll just take it like a good girl, Victoria.”

He must have told them exactly what really turns her on the most, she thought to herself. When they had met up, every time he called her good girl and then wrapped his hand around her throat or pulled her hair back while whispering her name, she moaned, feeling as if something inside was melting away. After whispering those words, her friend also pressed her hand to Victoria’s throat.

The girls masturbated Victoria with fervour, knowing exactly how to torment her the most. Victoria, however, welcomed the feeling of one of her friend’s lips pressing to her own, a moment of innocent sensuality. For a moment, she could simply bask in the delight of indulging in the touch of another woman without it being questioned. She had never found it within herself to admit her desires, even though the others had often been very open about their own experimentation. The fact that she was being photographed for their pleasure, that she had been lured into this trap, and that her sexual desires were being pulled from her grasp, all became background noise to the ringing in her ears as she honed in on this single, simple moment of fulfilment. It was once the onslaught of pleasure built up that she was forced to focus on the surrounding stimulation once again. The sharp pinch to her nipples while her breasts were grasped intently, the constant thrusting of fingers within her pussy, the ceaseless manipulation of her delicate clitoris – all building towards the sensations that were too much to bear. 

Victoria pulled away from the kiss and screamed out in bliss as her orgasm shook her. Her captors, of course, did not relent, simply working her just as fast and hard with their fingers while one of them grasped a handful of hair and pinned Victoria’s head down against the pillow in a way that made her gasp out in delight. 

“Yes, he told us just what you like.”

They continued to speak to her throughout as they worked her into a second orgasm.

“Do you like being used like a little fucktoy? Perhaps we should do this every day to you! Everyone can use and abuse you just like this whenever they want.”

Whether it was the predicament itself – being one of her deepest fantasies – or whether it was because they knew just how to touch her, another orgasm was quickly unleashed upon her. 

“Good girl, come for us. Your pussy is dripping so much; so fucking wet. I think you just really want to be my orgasm doll, don’t you?”

Victoria was crying out too much to be able to respond. They pinned her down tighter as she came again, the intensity making her need to try and ease them off a little, which simply inspired them to work her even harder. As they kept forcing her to come, Victoria wasn’t sure when one orgasm ceased and the next began, or whether it was one long orgasm: everything felt like a blur – a screaming, convulsing, hot mess of motion. 

They rubbed, licked and sucked her clitoris relentlessly while they kept her pinned down, using their own legs to keep hers spread wide and unable to stop their attack on her tenderness. Victoria could barely breathe, the pleasure overloading her.

“So, do you want to be our little orgasm doll?” they repeated as fingers pressed against her G-spot, vigorously massaging it. Everything they did… whether it be the way they bit the nape of her neck, the way they groped her chest hard and tweaked her nipples, the way they tended to her pussy… it all seemed to be in a bid to make Victoria squeal out as much as possible. 

“Yes! Yes, I do!” she cried out the moment another orgasm took hold. Once her climax started to recede, she continued while trying to catch her breath, “Please… Please stop. I can’t come any more!”

The girls continued to manhandle her while they replied, masturbating the still convulsing girl at the centre without showing any signs of easing off. “You said to him you wanted him to not stop, to keep making you come. Don’t worry. We won’t stop,” at that, Victoria heard the ‘click’ of handcuffs, which were then fastened to her wrists. She was already too tired to fight back. They did not stop forcing her to orgasm even while she was being restrained.

“Please… I ca–” Every time she tried to protest or beg for mercy, one of the girls would clasp their hand over Victoria’s mouth. What made it harder was that even just this act of dominance from these women stirred even more within the overstimulated object of lust.

“The problem for you is that we aren’t as nice as him. The three of us are going to keep you tied up so we can play with you for as long as we want. You see… we’ve got a bet between us to see who can make you pass out first.”

From that point on, Victoria’s undisclosed dream was going to turn into her own little nightmare – they made her come until her throat was raw from all of the screaming and begging for them to stop. They forced orgasm after orgasm from her until tears were streaming down her cheeks. They explored her swollen, red, constantly twitching pussy until she was crying out and admitted that this was something she always wanted. With orgasms, they had taken her apart piece by piece, each holding a piece captive. Once she pleaded with them to stop, telling them that they could do this to her every day they wanted, she thought it would stop. All she could do was pull desperately against the restraints once she realised that they weren’t going to stop at all.

“Don’t! Stop!” she gasped.

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