Cheerleader Rivalry

Cheerleading practice was long over, though Emma’s workout was only just beginning.

She hadn’t expected to be asked to come over to Annie’s house, though she jumped at the opportunity to bridge the gap between her biggest rival on the team. Since being picked, Emma had felt much resentment from her teammates, particularly from Annie; she was unsure whether it was her looks, her acrobatic ability, or the strong bond she alone had already developed with the coach.

She was just a newcomer, and these girls saw her as a threat. They wanted to show her where she stood.

Under the pretence of wanting to bridge the gap between them, Annie had invited Emma back to her house after training. Little did Emma know that Annie had invited another friend over, both with the same intentions… both waiting patiently for their prey.

The moment Emma entered the bedroom, she was surprised to see Tory there as well. Before Emma could ask what it was that they both wanted to talk to her about, Annie pulled her towards them; while the door was behind her and escape was still possible, Emma stayed still, as if trapped by the intense gazes of the two girls before her. Even though she was fully clothed, Emma felt so on display to the pair of girls in front of her, yet her embarrassment was not going to end there. Tory and Annie began to comment on how tightly the outfit fit Emma, taking delight in watching her squirm in embarrassment at the revelation of being the subject of such lustful thoughts. They tried to pour as much imagery into Emma’s mind as possible. From the way every team member watches her arch her back in every routine, as if baring her body to the world to gaze at and touch, to the way they hold her in split lifts, as if parting her thighs to every spectator to gaze at the slender curve between her legs, all with one thought in mind. Blushing, Emma stood awkwardly, the images in her own mind overcoming her while Annie moved in closer.

Emma could do nothing while Annie lifted her skirt to expose those tight little panties. What scared her most was the feeling that she wanted to know what they were going to do next, as if being the object of these two girls’ affections was lighting a spark of curiosity within her. The moment she felt Tory’s hand clutch around her wrist, she was sprung back to reality; these girls hadn’t lured her here to entertain her lesbian fantasies. She knew that they solely wanted to dominate her out of jealousy. By the time Tory threw her onto the bed, it was too late to do anything to get away from what they had planned.

With her wrists pinned down, sensations coursed through Emma that she had never felt before. Yet they were not unwelcome feelings. Tory kept her pinned down, making the young, petite girl feel more powerless by the second.

Emma knew from the start that she was fighting a losing battle. The visions in her mind, as if right behind her eyes, tell her of humiliation, of loss… yet something much deeper, something less visible, tells her of the longings of submission, the joys of giving in. She felt as if these intangible desires were pulled to reality once Annie’s lips locked on hers and her undergarment was pulled down. Emma was helpless against her desires, which felt like a deeply held liquid within that had finally been let free to seep through her.

Even though she had spent so long hiding her curiosity, so long wondering how it would feel to be touched more intimately by another girl, Emma still tried to fight against the sensations being forced upon her. She had spent so much time during training, feeling those long, slender fingers pressed against her body, feeling the grasp of those hands against her thighs while they held her up. She wondered how long it had taken for her to begin lingering on thoughts of a closer touch.

Annie and Tory were relishing in the sensations their touches were bringing their little sex toy. The way her body so clearly responded, how she writhed in pleasure against them, made it clear that she was all theirs. Her clitoris was so sensitive it made them smile. If it was this tender already, they would have much fun with her once she came. After all, they weren’t just going to make her come. They wanted her to know that they could dominate her any time they wanted.

This wasn’t just for their sexual entertainment. This was a lesson. No matter how much Emma’s internal struggle for control fought against the pair, she was held down firmly by them, unable to control anything being done to her. Her hands were held tightly, her legs kept apart. Nothing would stop the assault on her soft pussy.

Fingers curled inside her while another pair of fingers began rubbing relentlessly against her clitoris, the pair continued to manipulate their prey, turning Emma’s pleasure into a weapon against her. 

The intensity was too much for her. The joyful eroticism of a girl’s inner lust was replaced with the intense sexuality of her predicament. Her body was simply their plaything. After Emma felt like her pussy couldn’t take any more, that it needed to rest, the girls stripped her further. They weren’t done with her yet. They wanted to push her to the very limits, to make her come until she begged them to stop.

How often Tory had held those legs apart, held them tight while peering along those thighs, trying to keep the routine while holding back thoughts of wanting to explore that gorgeous body further. Now that the girl was in her grasp, under their control, she would make up for all the times she’d wanted to dominate her. Her hands grasped those ankles tightly, enjoying the straining of Emma against her while her mouth worked tirelessly, sucking on that pussy without paying any attention to how much Emma’s clitoris would be throbbing from such constant, rough attention.

Everything in her body wanted it to stop, every muscle clenched in defence, yet the pair gave her no mercy. The world around Emma soon became a blur, the pulsating surges of pleasure which inflamed her sex were the only things her mind could focus on. Even as the girls completely stripped her, ready to penetrate her and truly claim her as their toy, Emma could merely respond with moans and whimpers of pleasure.

Her final line of defence told her to try and get away, that she was spent and finished, yet something older and more daring within her kept her motionless; even the struggle against the hands that clenched her wrists was a weak one. They slid the dildo in slowly, revelling in how her body arched while her sex lips wrapped around it, inch by inch plunging inside her twitching, swollen entrance. She whispered that she had come too much, that her pussy couldn’t handle any more, though it did nothing to stop the thrusting increasing in pace, the wet sounds of the dildo sliding into her, covered in her juices.

Annie whispered in Emma’s ear, telling her how hot it is to watch her breasts sway with every thrust, to see her go from being the pride of the coach to nothing but a little fuck toy. The image of herself, being taken and dominated like this, almost looking at herself from the view of an observer, made Emma’s pussy convulse around the length inside her.

Her mind’s eye was pulled back to reality once the attention focused on her poor clitoris once more, already so overstimulated it seemed to resonate throughout her from the slightest touch.

Even as Emma climaxed, so audibly and visually intense, they did not hold back. Even as she tried to pull them towards her and protect her sensitivity, they made it clear that she would not be given any mercy.

Annie and Tory kept telling her that things will change, that from now on, Emma would know her place within the team, and that she is above nobody. As if to make the point clearer, they continued to push her long after she had suffered more orgasms than she ever dreamed she could handle.

Emma’s punishment for rising above her teammates was sexual domination. They were going to make sure that any time she tried to outshine them in practice or on the field, she’d be punished again.

‘‘If you make us need to punish you again, next time we’ll get the whole team involved.’’

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