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OOF – you have seriously mastered the delicate art of writing fear and pleasure! your haunted house and the demon one always mess me up something awful!  Your works are such a go-to for me. Thanks for all your hard work! It’s definitely appreciated! ❤

A pleasure to provide such delights. Although the majority of others like that will be coming next Halloween, there will be some random ones posted across the year as well (coming around Christmas time as well).

Love these supernatural gif stories – being kept on edge by an unseen force – so hot. The detail is exquisite, especially once they get to her clit…very arousing – thank you 🙂

I’ll certainly write more in future to keep you aroused for a long, long time to come (plus there are a number that have yet to be posted from tumblr, most will be saved for next Halloween).

Is it normal to find the majority of porn terrifying and quite disturbing? I wind up feeling more sad than anything when I watch. I’ve completely stopped and just keep rewatching your videos and audios, maybe I’m a bit obsessed haha :’) I feel fully pleasured when I do, and completely safe, and its still kinky…

There is certainly some porn which is rather erotic and well made (many videos from hegre and x-art for example), however I do agree that a lot of porn can be very off-putting. Even with the GIFs I create, some scenes are not ones I’m overall fond of, however the little moments captured can be used out of context to make something very sensual. I always strive to create content that focuses on just the joys of pleasure and eroticism, so I’m very happy that it fulfills your fantasies the way it does. I’ll keep making much more to make sure you’ll have plenty to keep you entertained.

Before your original Tumblr blog was deleted, I remember reading a really great male-on-female oral sex edging post from the man’s point of view. I recall the edging being related to the man’s “work” and the woman, his girlfriend, requested he perform it orally on her. It eventually spiraled into overstimulation/multiple orgasms, which basically means that this story pushed all the right buttons for me. Any chance you still have it on your computer somewhere? I’d love to read it again.

I honestly do not remember which post it was specifically. However I do have every single post saved from Tumblr, so it will definitely be getting posted again. Once the Halloween posts are up (being posted up until Thursday) I will start making frequent posts of the original material (at times re-edited if the GIFs don’t look good enough). *edit* I believe I may know which one you mean now. I’ll move the one I think it is up the list to post it asap. If it isn’t it’ll definitely still get posted over time.

I feel very feminine when I listen, watch and come to your content 🙂

You should be part of a contest for one of the highest quality erotic blogs on the net. I will highly recommend the website!

All asks and answers can be found under the ‘ask me anything‘ heading. Feel free to drop me a message, whether it’s a question or simply something on your mind, or something you’d like to see more of. I love seeing the effect the content has and appreciate every message.

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