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Any new videos soon??

There should be, yes (pending permission to use the footage which I am currently editing). I may have a gif coming along to give a little preview of what is being worked on at the moment (pending the models permission).

How does one go about finding someone to lead them in one of these denial sessions?

If you’d like to discuss more on being indulged with a denial/teasing session, feel free to reach out through the contact methods here

I love the Private show audio where you edge yourself and allow others to masturabte alongside you Sir. I love hearing you as you hold back and instruct us as your tease yourself, lovely turn on 

Glad to hear it turned you on so much. There will be a lot more to come, and plenty more of a similar style. I hope you held back as instructed

I was wondering why you don’t have a category for male forced orgasms? If there is one I’m not quite sure where to find it.

I do not, I do have a male denial section here but I will at least create a tag to make it easier to search out (though male forced orgasms are far more rare in the stories). I currently have a story in the editing stage which is focused on both male denial along with male forced orgasms coming soon.

Where will we be able to purchase your novel, once it comes out? Looking forward to the debut xxx

That is correct. I am going to be sending the latest PDF update to some Patreons as a thank you for the support, and then it’ll have a look over to check if anything needs to be changed or edited (that I may have missed). Looking to have it on the smashwords ebook store as soon as possible.

What happened again with movies? Spankbang is telling, that your account doesn’t exist  whe you came back on Pornhub

They are all still showing here ( however I do need to take a look at a couple and reupload them. I’m not sure why Spankbang is saying it doesn’t exist, because it says that to me as well until I log in and then everything shows as normal. Very strange. I’m going to make sure everything shows correctly, especially in time for a new set of videos hopefully coming soon!

Do you have any erotic literature you could recommend that you especially liked or found attractive, whether online, novels or other forms?

There isn’t a lot of erotica that really engages me all that much, nothing that comes to mind currently without searching. However, would you like if I created a little section dedicated to stories that I personally enjoyed (like a little category with links to pieces that I find to be erotic)? The more I think about it, the more I like this idea!

This might seem like a dumb question but I’ll ask it anyway, are you human?

Registering question… optimizing response… Affirmative. I confirm my status as also a fellow human being. Proceed as normal.

2 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything (a selection of recent answers)”

  1. Do you have any more guided masturbation literature? I really enjoy those but I’d rather read a script than listen to an audio. Also, do you have any recommendations for safe sites in which I could get someone to tell me to deny myself and give me personal tasks without ever having to show my face or take pictures?

    1. The website I had posted the original ‘passage of pleasure’ is a decent place to start (though the majority is male based edging games). I don’t really know of others that provide it, but I will be working on more written edging challenges and masturbation literature. Reddit also has a female orgasm denial subreddit where you may be able to ask people about tasks to carry out involving edging etc. where they may not ask for anything in return at all such as what you described. I will make sure to pick up speed regarding writing my own masturbation instruction literature as opposed to solely focusing on the audio content. Keep a look out for stuff to come soon!

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