Hello! I just wanted to thank you for the high quality work you do. It is such a turn on without making me feel degraded for wanting to be dominated and helpless. Truly you’ve defined what it means to worship a woman. Continue to be amazing!

Thank you. 

And thank you all as ever for the support and messages.

I want to have multiple orgasms but i keep stopping myself. how can i make a selfbondage device at home

One method to more vividly imagine being at the mercy of forced orgasms: If you have a vibrator such as a hitachi wand style one, you can try using a belt and strapping it around your waist so as to keep it held in place against yourself. Then with it held in place you can remain spread-eagled to allow it to continue to vibrate against yourself while you focus on holding yourself spread out as if restrained in place.

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