A little checklist on projects in the works/planned.

The ones in bold are already being worked on (I have already created a mini ‘favourites‘ area which will be updated over the coming weeks and months. The ‘Nipple based audio tease’ is on the cusp of completion, with the clitoris focused tease to be a follow up to it. These are in between other mini updates and works (including instagram and twitter updates).

  • Completed story (finish final edit to post story) also bonus scenes
  • Patreon weekly updates
  • Fully embark erotic saga placeholder title ‘sexecutioner’
  • Recent Nova Gold Video short video (awaiting permissions on edits)
  • Nipple tease audio (A)  finished
  • Paint brush teasing video
  • Vibrator audio tease
  • Hypnosis themed story (written and audio collab)
  • Self denial (private show follow up) audio tease
  • Clitoris focused audio tease (B)
  • Written instructional audio tease – interactive and standard
  • Re-upload videos using eporner for backup viewing ease
  • Update search feature for ease of use
  • Lovesense app themed post
  • Passage of pleasure update video post/interactive post
  • Tickling themed post request
  • Continue harry potter themed erotic spells stories
  • Audio version for Two Participants

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