The Gift

You do as you were told in the dream. On Christmas Eve, you had dreamt of him, the absolute picture of your fantasies as if he were there with you in the flesh. After the most wonderful of dreams, filled with passion and eroticism, you woke up, wishing it were real. However, you recalled his one request as if it were whispered in your ear directly.

‘On Christmas, place your hands above your head and close your eyes. I’ll stay with you until you open your eyes.’

When you also opened up a gift beneath your Christmas tree – one you didn’t recognise – and saw that it contained nothing but a note stating, ‘Remember, keep your eyes closed,’ you knew it must be real. It couldn’t have been merely a dream.

The moment you lay down for the evening, having entirely stripped and stretched spread-eagled, you closed your eyes. It was a few seconds of feeling unsure and slightly foolish before he suddenly came to you. You felt the weight of his presence on the bed at your legs. An unmistakable dip in the mattress. The sound of springs giving way. Finally, you feel his large, masculine hands lovingly grip your legs.

There are no words. There is only the sound of his gentle kisses trailing from your ankles up your legs, taking a turn with each until his mouth stops just short of your inner thighs. You want so desperately to proceed further, just as he did in your dream.

Instead of a collage of sexual imagery, where time became nothing more than a whirlwind of memories, this was a longer, more protracted affair. You can feel the heat of his breath against your soft, sensitive skin. You can feel the softness of his lips and then the cool patch as the air embraces the slight wetness left in the wake of his mouth against your flesh.

You want him to press his lips to your pussy, already so wet with arousal, to know your fantasies were alive. You picture him just as in the dream and wish you could look down and embrace the fantasy further.

He caresses your legs while continuing to kiss up your inner thighs, finally fluttering along where your legs meet. His mouth teases around your mound and along those succulent lips, yet avoids pressing too firmly or too directly. Unlike the dream, there is no instantaneous flurry of pleasure. Instead, you are forced to sway your hips and rock your waist in the hopes of the attention your pussy craves.

You let out a little moan of pleasure as he sucks gently on your pussy lips. You start to sigh and breathe deeply as he begins tracing his tongue in an outline around your clitoris.

It feels like hours, having him continue to merely circle your clit. It makes it worse to think back about the dream, the passion between you both. Able to wrap your arms around him, to look at what was the picture of your desires. In the warm comfort behind your eyes, deep in your imagination, you piece together scenes of your dream along with what you desire most right now. Having him tie you up and devour your pussy, having him keep you restrained to the bed while fucking your little pussy with his long, thick cock. Imagining him pushing every inch of his bulging manhood inside you while you were powerless to resist makes you shiver in excitement. Still, his tongue circles it.

Suddenly, you let out a little squeal of surprise and pleasure as his tongue quickly whips over your delicate clitoris before returning to merely circling it. You desperately want him to suck you. You ask him to suck you, to lick you, to do anything more. Yet, still no response. As you make to grab his head and let him know how much you need it, you find that you cannot move your wrists. They seem to have become magically tied to the bedposts. Still, you keep your eyes shut tightly. You don’t want it to end.

He once again flicks his tongue over your clit to elicit another yelp of pleasure, before moving his attention upwards. He plants kisses all over you, from your mound to your hips, from your stomach to your cleavage and up to your lower neck.

It’s only as he leads back down, after he plants little kisses and gentle nibbles along your breasts and over your nipples, that you realise the sensations aren’t stopping. It continued to feel like his mouth was still in place in every area his lips pressed. On and on your chest feels like mouths are pressing to it, like your nipples are being gently nibbled and lightly sucked. Behind your closed eyes, you picture many people teasing you in the way you can feel. Your body is at the attention of every person you could fantasise about for whom you’d want to be a prisoner of lust.

Once his mouth presses back between your legs, you scream out for more as he begins once again circling your delicate cherry. In response, he clamps his mouth around your clitoris and sucks it tenderly, making you squeal out in bliss. His tongue slides over it while he continues to suck. You wish you could look down and see the smooth slope of your sex being engulfed in his chiselled jaw.

You feel your moment getting closer. You couldn’t stop your hips from bucking up and down even if you wanted to, riding out every moment of his tongue caressing your jewel. Just as you cry out that you’re going to come, he stops. He keeps his mouth pressed to your pussy as he stops sucking, as his tongue lies still.

Even as you whine in frustration, you keep your eyes shut tightly. Once again, his tongue starts flicking the tip of your clitoris – more gently this time – as he sucks. It takes a moment, but you realise that it feels different. It is as if there is a second tongue circling around your clitoris while the other continues gently flicking over it. The realisation makes you instantly hit the brink. You cry out, and again, it all stops.

This time, once he continues ignoring your whimpers of need again, it feels like another tongue has joined the fray. Three tongues, all focusing on that sensitive little spot. You cry out in disbelief yet keep your eyes shut. You can’t comprehend the pleasure, yet it is just as crazy as the predicament began – a random man from your dreams fulfilling your erotic fantasies on Christmas. You don’t need any explanation, you just need to come. You try your best to hide your moment this time, hoping he’ll simply continue the motions.

As every muscle tightens, as you clench your jaw and stifle your breath to avoid moaning out that you are near the edge, you feel your orgasm is a single flick of the tongue away.

It stops.

You scream out in need, asking how he knew you were close, begging him to please let you come.

It starts again with no reply, only the sounds of his joyful moans as he feasts delightedly as if it is the most sumptuous meal on earth to gorge upon.

Another tongue joins the others. You wonder what you’d see if you were to look down, knowing no human could ever unleash such ecstasy upon you. Wondering what creature could possess such a mouthful of eager tongues, all able to work in unison to devastate your constantly pulsing clitoris.

Even as he stops again, leaving you nearly in tears with the need for an orgasm, the sensation of mouths against your upper body continues. You imagine being held down and kissed all over, imagining your legs held wide open as he used his mouth on you to make you come until you were crying from the pleasure.

The mouthful of tongues continues its work on tormenting your clitoris while his mouth remains latched against you, his lips pushing against your swollen sex to push back your clitoral hood and expose it as much as possible.

His muscular arms reach up to grasp your breasts, giving your nipples a firm pinch, eliciting a squeal and a thrust of your hips as you reach the pinnacle again.

Once again, it stops, the only movement between your legs being the constant twitching of your entrance, your clitoris and the constant dripping of your pussy juice down his chin and your rear.

You try to close your legs together, to push his head firmer against you, let somehow your legs feel like they are magically held open. Still, you keep your eyes closed.

No matter how much you beg and plead, it doesn’t stop. Again and again, he edges you in the same way. Countless tongues within his mouth attack your jewel while others tease your entrance in soft flourishes. The constant flick against your entrance makes you yearn for something solid pressing against it.

Your orgasm feels like it is coiled tightly within like a bomb, ready to go off at any second. Just as you begin to cry out your pleas once more, you gasp at the realisation that his mouth has not stopped. The tongues continue to whirl in a frenzy around your clitoris; all focused on that one rigid point.

With your arms and legs mystically bound in place, you strain as the pleasure overcomes you. Suddenly, the bomb of ecstasy housed within is released. You explode in a fit of ecstasy; the shrapnel of your screams pierce the walls.

You continue to pull against your bondage while the mouth continues to wreak havoc upon you throughout your climax, ensuring it lasts as long as possible. You shake uncontrollably while coming, his fingers still pinching your nipples while sucking your clitoris as the tongues lash against it.

Just as it becomes too much, just as you begin to wonder whether he means to continue and try to bring you to a second orgasm, you tilt your head and look down, wanting to see him.

Just as your eyes open, it all stops. Your legs snap shut, and your arms whip down to meet nothing but air. You continue to tremble as the post-orgasmic trembles rush through you.

All is still. There is nothing else within the house with you. As you instantly make to masturbate yourself to another orgasm, while the flood of arousal and thoughts of what occurred is most fresh, you notice a note beside you.

‘One orgasm this Christmas. I will return every Christmas with one extra orgasm each time. All you need do is lie back and close your eyes, just the same.’

4 thoughts on “The Gift”

  1. I just Reader this after the wispher Story and i can just say it again i love your erotic horror stories they are awsome every Single one of them and now i will Reader the one you published on literotica

    1. Thank you! A lot more erotic horror to come (still working on the ‘sexecutioner’ erotic horror saga – i’ll post snippets on here over time too). The ones I post on Literotica are always posted here way before 🙂

  2. I was holding my breath the entire time! What about a followup piece after it’s been a few years and Christmas is becoming more overstimulation than edging?

    1. Oh you’ll get more follow up than just that – you’ll get to experience every year that they return! Every year, there’ll be a follow up, with the next visit documented.

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