Teacher and Student

In this room, she is his. Like a lion assessing its prey, the teacher’s eyes survey her hungrily. She knows exactly why she is here, yet her feigns of innocence make him even more intent on following through with what he had always implied to her. Her favourite college class was about to get so much better.

So often, this student had teased him so subtly during lessons, flirting with him at every opportunity and wearing the skimpiest outfits, all for his enjoyment. It wasn’t until he started to whisper things to her during lectures – in the guise of offering help with work – that he came to realise the hold that he had over her. The way her hand always slid under the desk any time he approached, to whisper more things in her ear, telling her just what he’d like to do to her, how he’d love to strip her right there and then. So slender, so full of desire, so delicate, so perfect for him to dominate.

Now that she was here with him alone, there would be no holding back. He was going to tease and dominate her the way he’d fantasised about ever since she first stepped into his classroom.

The moment he spun her around, she knew she was all his; the sense of power, control, and of domination that his eyes always seemed to cast upon her had materialised in that single action.

His words seemed to melt her from the inside as his fingers against the outline of her body made her sex pulse with arousal, whispering how she was his to both teach and punish however he pleased.

Unlike anyone she had ever been with, this was a man who was going to teach her just what it was to truly crave something, to teach her just how her body deserved to be treated.

It had taken so long to get her here, alone with him and under his command; he had no intention of rushing, it was time to teach her of the virtue of patience.

Tap…tap…tap… every little hit against her already wet and soft pussy sent a surge throughout; it wasn’t simply the sensation of the pencil hitting her most precious place. It was the fact that she felt so under his control.

The way during lectures he seemed to always linger on every word, to speak so slowly and deliberately to her as if savouring every word being drip-fed into her thoughts, it was as if those instances of deliberation were being materialised in the way he was touching her. So slowly, his fingers slid up and down, trapping her clitoris and making her entire pussy throb with longing.

His fingers kept sliding up and down, never pushing inside her already twitching entrance, her juices so clearly running down such gorgeously swollen lips, keeping her so close to begging. Once her legs were shaking, he knew it was time. 

It didn’t matter how much she cried out, ‘Please, sir!’ begging for him to give her pussy what it wanted more than anything. He was going to punish her in the simplest way. Back and forth, his throbbing cock slid along her soft mound, the underside of his shaft slick with her juices. She wanted nothing more than to grab hold of him and beg him to thrust into her, though she knew better. Now, more than ever, she was entirely at his mercy, a student who was not to step out of line or question the actions of her teacher.

Every time she thought he was going to push it inside, he stopped just for a second before slapping it hard against her pussy, making her gasp. The way his manhood, so thick, heavy and stiff, hit so hard against her soft, wet womanhood made it so apparent that his masculinity was designed to sensually dominate her gentle femininity; the thought sent a shiver of submissive pleasure through her.

To expose her, to rip through the final barriers that blocked his view of her nakedness, her innocence; it felt like the final taboo had been broken, sending another surge to his manhood.

Even the student’s breath seemed to be under the command of the teacher: every hard thrust into her young, tender body drove the air from her lungs. That sense of power, discipline and control which always radiated from him in her classes seemed to engulf her completely now. It was more than simply being scolded or punished by someone in charge, more than merely taking orders from someone of a higher authority; to her, this was the sweetest taste of being truly dominated both mentally and physically.

Yet still… even while fucking her so hard with such intensity, taking her with such commanding thrusts, when she was close, he made sure to stop. No matter how much she wanted to come, the teacher was going to make absolutely sure that she knew her place… that her pleasure is always under his authority.

She had never had an orgasm with another person before, yet here she was, being pushed beyond anything she had experienced. He knew just how intense this was for her. He wanted to make sure it was something she would never forget. No matter how hard she would come, he was not going to stop. She was going to feel the shudder of orgasm hit her hard in every position he wanted to fuck her in. To stop, to slow down, to show any restraint… these were not options in his classroom.

Convulsing in pleasure, shaking in the throes of an orgasm beyond her imagination… these were not reasons for him to stop. He knew how much she wanted to be dominated, to be taught how it feels to be fucked senseless; this lesson will continue until she has truly learned all that he can show her.

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