It is not simply a want or merely a desire. It is absolutely a need. The need to feel you at your limit, to know that you are experiencing pleasure that your mind craves yet your body struggles to handle.

The need to feel your sensitive pussy clench as your delicate body succumbs to the inevitable. The need to hold you back and make sure you fully endure it, to prevent you from protecting your hypersensitive clitoris from what you truly crave. The need to feel you trying to make me stop, yet never actually trying to get away.

The necessity to never stop hearing you moan and scream in ecstasy, to feel you shudder and shake in overstimulation. A need, an addiction, an obsession with your pleasure.

I need it just as much as you do.

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My head between your thighs, lips pressing tighter, and fingers working you faster as you get closer and closer. What turns you on most isn’t simply knowing how much I want to make you come. It’s knowing that when you do come, I won’t stop. You can try and move away, but all that will do is draw me closer to keep you held tighter. I love when the excitement turns to disbelief – feeling like you can’t possibly come any more, yet knowing that I won’t stop until you do.

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Image source from: Dare (2012)

I want my mouth to be all that you can think about. The impression my tongue can make, to leave you enamoured of its ability to keep you quivering. The eroticism of how I can bring about so many sensations from such a small part of you, how such tiny actions can leave you breathless.

While my commanding lips entangle with your own most tender ones, communicating eroticism with such relentless desire, the intent always remains. I always want to be certain that the next time you see me, the next time you hear me, all you’ll be thinking about is my head nestled between your thighs.

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Image source from: Dare (2012)

The way your back arches to me…

The way your ass cheeks press firmly against my hips…

The way your pussy clenches tighter around my cock…

It all lets me know that pressing my fingers right here is all you truly want me to do, no matter how you react.

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