Drawn by Desire – Night Out

Audio excerpt ‘An Erotic Encounter’ from the erotic novel ‘Drawn by Desire’ on Smashwords

Audio by PleasureTorture and CreativeIntentAudio. A chance meeting leads to a night of passion as she is introduced to pleasures she had never experienced before. An audio story involving teasing, edging and multiple orgasms.

Below is the entire chapter taken from the novel.

When the afterglow of orgasm faded, Lucy was surprised to see the time. The evening had sped by. Her friends would be picking her up in the taxi to the club in a little while.

After her second hurried shower of the day, she put on her black lace lingerie; their tightness for a second made her think back to the wand vibrator, how she could easily use it against her underwear once before leaving. She abandoned the thought, however, and searched for a tight-fitting dress. While she wanted to wear a perfectly fitting white, two-piece dress, she was not fond of her underwear showing through. It also occurred to her that it had only been a few months since her ex had bought it for her. It still felt strange wearing something from someone she had grown to dislike immensely. Deciding instead on a form-fitting red halter dress, she closed the sliding door of the wardrobe and admired herself in the mirror. The dress accentuated her slim figure. Even though she often wished she had a larger chest, the piece lifted them more prominently while hugging the curve of her ass nicely. Rather sharply, 9 p.m. had arrived.

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