Seduction School

Standing in front of the classroom, she took a moment to bask in the sea of eager faces and excited chatter. Her sharp, pointed teeth shone back at some of the students who were watching her in anticipation to begin.

Just like everyone in the classroom, she was entirely naked. Amongst her kind, she did not need to try and blend in or put on an act. She could sense the arousal from the male in particular to her right. She wondered if the rest of the class had picked up on his arousal, other than merely his throbbing erection that faced the classroom. The woman was also turned on, though her arousal was not as strong to the scent as the male, as is always the case with females. They tend to have a much easier time hiding their arousal, not just externally. The teacher could, however, sense that the female was looking at her shapely rear, though she was most likely just as transfixed by the long black tail that whipped left and right as much as she was checking out her ass.


Not a sound could be heard other than the deep breathing from the male and female who lay naked on a table at the front of the class. A sizzle of electric excitement rang through the room. Her dark-red wings spread out fully as she opened her arms and addressed the class again.

“Welcome. It is a pleasure to have so many of you joining us today. I promised I’d have live subjects for us to study. I have cast a spell to ensure they cannot make any noise yet. We’ve all heard the relentless pleas these humans bellow out when they are in our company. It grows tiresome. Maybe later, I’ll release them from the spell so that we can hear some of the sweeter sounds they make.”

The pair of humans, lying on the table completely naked and propped up by pillows behind their backs, could only look back at the sea of faces gazing at them, razor-sharp teeth gleaming in grins at their naked bodies.

“They also cannot move. It will make our study a little easier. For aeons, Succubi and Incubi have fed off of the sexual desires of human beings. Males are, of course, the most hunted creatures, though today, I’d like you all to see how females can so often generate a most exquisite feast when tormented in the right ways. You’ll all be wise to hunt both in future.”

The class remained silent, some licking their lips.

“As you can see, simply being in our presence is causing the male’s member to be fully engorged while the female’s womanhood is leaking her sexual fluids. Often, this happens when only one Succubus is within their proximity, so clearly, a room full of Succubi and Incubi is having a rather devastating effect.”

The man’s cock gave an involuntary twitch.

“Let us start with the most straightforward. As we can see, his length is already twitching in need.”

The succubus pressed her hand to the base of his length, gripping it while the class watched every vein prominently swell.

“Far too often, I see Succubi focus on riding this swollen tool to orgasm for a quick and easy feast. While it is easy to see it rock-hard and dripping precum, and want to take its load and life force instantly, taking your time can yield far better results. Letting your fingers and mouth do the work first will help ensure that when he inevitably climaxes from your pussy clenching around him, the orgasm will be far more intense, and you’ll guarantee a far more rewarding bounty.”

The Succubus slid her fingers slowly up and down from base to tip before leaving it to twitch on its own as if beckoning her for more. The human female’s eyes were straining to the side to watch as well.

“I’ll give him just a little movement.”

With a click of her fingers, the man was able to thrust his hips up and down, desperate for more.

“You see how much he needs it, and we’ve only just begun.”

Her hand wrapped around his cock fully, repeating the up-and-down motion a few times before stopping. His length twitched and strained as she let go, desperate for more.

“He is already on the brink. Let us watch a few more times.”

The man closed his eyes tightly every time the Succubus moved her hand away, bringing him to the pinnacle and denying release. It was as if he were closing his eyes to try and will himself to climax. It never worked.

“Being in the presence of just one Succubus will ensure a male stays safely erect in your company, no matter how many hours that is. So it is foolish to waste this gift, and we should instead savour the length of time we can spend with these creatures.”

Continuously, the teacher stoked him to the edge and stopped. He threw his head back each time; clearly, if he could speak, he’d have been screaming to the heavens for relief.

“It might be a little harder for you guys to all feel it from where you are, but I can sense the desperation within him. He’d give anything to come. This is when most of you would normally allow them to tell you they’d give you their life for an orgasm. After today, I want you all to remember how much more enjoyable it is to make them wait.”

The teacher continued to stroke and stop. Her hand was dripping wet, his precum coating it like a glistening glove.

“Look at all of this essence that our kind too often wastes by rushing.”

With a click of the fingers, the man was able to speak. His only words were cried out to the room.


Another click and silence. She continued the pattern, stroking and stopping, only needing to slip up the precum-drenched shaft around five times before needing to stop and let it twitch on the verge.

“Barely thirty minutes, and he’s in such a state. Who here has spent this long toying with their prey?”

Not a single hand was raised.

“Exactly. Now let’s see what else we can do to him.”

The Succubus knelt down at his waist to his side, letting the classroom see her long tongue slide up and down his shaft, replacing the movement of her hand. The length twitched on the edge of climax, and she wrapped her tongue around its base to let it pulsate on the edge fully engorged. The blood rushed through the swollen length as it shone a deep, bright red, pulsating with his thumping heartbeat.

With her tongue still wrapped around the base, she lowered her mouth down to join the path of her slithering-long tongue. Closing around the head of his cock and shaft, she closed around him to suck it. The man’s body shook as he was held on the pinnacle by tiny suctions and motions of her mouth. She was an expert at reading him, knowing just how to hold him at the edge and keep him from toppling over.

Even the female beside him was shivering at the sight. If she could move, her own hips would be swaying, and she’d be biting her lips with desire. It was torture to even merely witness it.

The Succubus’ head slipped back up, her mouth only clamped around his tip. Her tongue released his base and withdrew to her mouth, where she simply continued to flick it against his pulsating head while bobbing up and down against the tip and top portion of his cock.

She continued this for what felt like hours to the pair of humans. The demonic blowjob never stopped, only slowing down to hold him on the pinnacle for a minute at a time before letting him rest for a few seconds, then speeding up again. Even though he could not speak, the tears that lined his cheeks conveyed to the classroom precisely what this was doing to him.

With a –pop- as she released his cock head from her luscious red lips, the teacher spoke to the class.

“Now he would be ready. He’d explode inside you the moment you slid him inside your pussy. Of course, that would be if he were lucky enough not to be in our class today.”

There were a few chuckles of amusement throughout the class, many wondering if they’d get a turn with him.

“His need will remain with him throughout this ordeal. Our sexual aura always ensures that human desire is constantly held at its peak. With so many of us in here, I’m surprised he isn’t climaxing right now, even without any stimulation. It will indeed take much practice with humans for any of you to control their orgasm the way I can. It takes much self-control to prevent them from coming and even more to hold them at the edge.”

Everyone in the class nodded in agreement.

“Let us now give the female some attention. She is positively drenched and shivering just from being close to the action and unable to do anything about it. I would say she’s suffered already just as much as him.”

Many in the class smiled as wickedly as the teacher at the woman.

“The female of the species has even more ways to stimulate it. In fact, their entire body can be teased in such a way. You five at the front, come and aid me.”

The Succubus and five of her students spent the next twenty minutes teasing the woman with only their fingertips. The teacher commanded them not to touch her pussy or her nipples.

After twenty minutes, the woman’s eyes were constantly closed, no longer looking pleadingly at her captors but instead tightly shut as if praying with all her might for mercy.

The fingertips trailed all over her, sensually strutting up and down her neck and hips, gliding up and down her legs and thighs, fluttering over her breasts and dancing along her pelvis. Her breasts were so firm and full while her stiff nipples cried out for attention. Whether it be her chest or her pussy, how it was so red and swollen, a translucent trail of pussy juice leaking from that constantly twitching opening, her body seemed to be doing all it physically could to attract enough attention for just a pinch, a firm grope or some slight penetration.

“The breasts may not change too much with stimulation, as not all nipples get hard in this manner when stimulated, yet too often we neglect to pay attention to the female body and how it can arouse her imagination so much more. Not only will it cause for a more intense climax and meal for us, but it is also simply an easier means to have fun with them… always play with your food. I personally love the sounds they make when I torture them in this manner.

Thirty minutes passed without direct touching as the palms glided across the woman’s front, still keeping the woman shaking with need.

“Watch, class, how desperate merely this attention alone makes this girl.”

The teacher brushed her fingers along the woman’s pussy lips. Only two fingers, each sliding along a plump, swollen lip, yet still, the Succubus had to withdraw them suddenly as the woman strained to thrust her hips back and forth in her body’s natural reaction to being on the edge of orgasm.

A click of the fingers allowed her to do so.

“See, on the edge of orgasm from the faintest touch. Normally, this wouldn’t be enough stimulation to cause such a reaction, yet our aura causes these humans to be in overdrive. We don’t use this ability enough. So often, we rush even with the females, and I’m looking at you, Incubi, in particular.”

The Succubus scanned the room while some of the Succubi and Incubi nodded in understanding.

The teacher dismissed the others. The class all watched in silence as the teacher alone began teasing the woman, sliding a single fingertip in circles around her nipples. After a few minutes was spent on each nipple, she gave them a firm pinch before having to let go. The shuddering of the woman clued the class into her being on the brink.

“Again, this wouldn’t normally have a female on the edge of orgasm just from playing with her nipples. Though this one does seem to be rather sensitive, along with the effect our combined presence has on her.”

After a succession of pinches and tweaks continued to bring the woman to the edge, the Succubus finally focused her attention between the woman’s legs.

The demonic class watched with bated breath as the teacher pushed back against the woman’s mound with her fingers, peeling back the hood of her clitoris to expose the twitching jewel beneath.

“One of the most sensitive areas of the human body, a succulent cluster of nerve endings, ripe to be exploited.”

Circling it with a single finger, the Succubus occasionally brushed over it, making the woman’s hips push off the table. Much like the man’s length, only a little stimulation to her clitoris brought the woman to the brink. With a snap of the fingers, the woman was finally able to squeal out the words that she’d been internally howling.


Another click and absolute silence. If it weren’t for the fact that the woman could only move her hips, she’d have long run away to escape the erotic torment she was being subjected to.

The man beside her was also being tortured by the sight alone, his cock constantly twitching and dribbling precum without the relief of at least being touched.

After teasing and rubbing the woman’s clitoris to the brink until she was visibly weeping with need, the teacher asked for a volunteer.

“I need an Incubus volunteer, please.”

An Incubus quickly walked down to the front, beating many who were just a little too slow off the mark. He stood to the side, awaiting the teacher’s instruction.

“As you have seen, from me teasing around it and touching it directly… from stroking her pussy as if she were masturbating… to pinching and caressing the clitoris itself…”

As she spoke, she continued to carry out the actions, tormenting the woman’s pussy. She thrust her hips up and down desperately to no avail. Constantly crying in need, the woman could do nothing to receive any mercy, trapped in the hell of being brought to the edge and denied constantly.

“…this soft, wet little slice of sexuality can be tormented in all manner of ways. Yet there is so much more internally we can do.”

The Succubus slid two fingers inside. With several thrusts, she withdrew, a trail of the female’s essence dripping from her fingertips. After a few more times spent fingerfucking the woman to the edge, the Succubus left her fingers inside.

“You can feel every twitch of longing within their body, much like with the male, how his manhood twitches in yearning, so too do her silky folds. Now, my dear Incubus, take over and slide your fingers in just an inch. Good… just a little more, another inch, now… do you feel that rough little patch? Curl your fingers upwards as if towards her belly button. Do you feel it? Good… yes, that is her G-spot. Another little erogenous zone to delight in.”

The Succubus clicked her fingers and continued talking.

“Simply stroke it in a come-hither motion to stimulate it. Don’t worry about accidentally making her come… she won’t. Keep going. Now, class, we often forget to pay enough attention to all these places…”

As she spoke, the teacher stroked the male human beside her. He continued to thrust his hips up and deep, his eyes streaming with tears as if pleading for an orgasm that wouldn’t come.

“The male sexual organ is so prominent, so apparent in what we must do. The female sexual organ is just as large, however. It extends greatly within the woman, an entire network begging to be explored to the fullest. We only ever see but a morsel of it. We need to all begin taking more enjoyment in the torture of humans, as opposed to simply a quick and easy feast. We can still feed on their lives when they come, but the meal is far more bountiful if we wait. Now, my Incubus friend, please rest that prominent erection of yours against her opening. Don’t thrust in, though, no matter how much you feel you need to.”

The incubus pressed the head of his cock to the woman’s pussy hole, which quivered and clenched, constantly trying to suck it within. At the instruction of the teacher, the Incubus very, very slowly slipped just the tip of himself within and back out. Getting a little deeper each time, the Incubus spent the next twenty minutes being instructed to thrust back and forth, the entire time spent only penetrating the woman with a mere inch of himself.

The woman would have been screaming at the top of her lungs in frustration if she could, occasionally stopping only to gasp as she hit the edge before he slid out, leaving her pussy clenching and gaping rhythmically for more.

“You can feel her pussy constantly clenching around your erection, can’t you? Good. I want all of you Incubi to start using your rigid lengths to feel how females clench and convulse around it. You’ll start to be able to read their bodies in time, just like how I can with my fingers and senses.”

The Succubus sent the Incubus back to his seat, droplets of the woman’s juices dripping from his massive erection as he walked back. Much like the rest of the class, it took a great deal of self-control to hold back around these maddeningly aroused humans, a delicious feast on display in front of them.

The Succubus continued to speak as she sat facing the class, arms outstretched to stroke both the man and woman. In the beginning, the pair had suffered a mixture of embarrassment and arousal with being faced with an entire room full of people watching them. Now, they simply wanted the entire room to pounce on them if it meant for a release from the hell of denial they were in.

“The pair of them would have climaxed long ago if I hadn’t cast a spell to prevent it. Now, they will merely reach the edge without a chance of going over for as long as I desire. This way, I can complete the next part of this class activity without worrying if they’ll accidentally come.

“As you’ve all seen, the human body can be teased and tormented so easily to ensure we can always bring them to the peak of ecstasy. Although they are currently only constantly crying with need, if I were to release them from the spell holding them still, they would be shaking their heads and screaming out desperately to be allowed to come. I want you all to add to their anguish for the rest of the class. I want all of you to come to the front and use every technique possible to stimulate the pair. Neither of them will come, no matter how much you try, so use this opportunity to experiment with all the ways you can tease them. Whoever causes the most begging will receive top marks. Remember, often the slowest stimulation is the most impactful.”

Once the teacher released the voices of the humans, little time at all was spent without some form of plea or scream for mercy as the countless fingers, tongues and mouths worked them relentlessly. At times, there was absolute silence from the man and woman when the level of stimulation and erotic torture was too much for their minds to comprehend, ceasing all ability to formulate a word as they struggled to even breathe amidst the hellish bliss. However, even as their eyes glazed over and their own screams and moans became white noise, the pair managed to hear the teacher’s announcement. Their eyes opened wide with horror and fear.

“Just two hours left of class, so make sure to all get a turn. We’ll have to be entirely done by the end because I have to start again with another full class right after.”

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