2 thoughts on “Our Little Experiment”

  1. Wow! That was wonderful! I especially loved it when your voices overlapped and you were making suckling sounds. Her moans and begging were very hot – she sounded incredibly desperate. Love the audio – hope she does more with you!
    Would’ve loved to hear a bit more description of what you were doing to her – having her gasp or plead like this:
    MAN: “You’re so wet … your pussy throbs so nicely under my fingers, let’s see what my tongue will do.”
    WOMAN: “Oh no, oh god…your tongue, it’s so soft and wet as you slide up my slit and … FUCK! It’s torture…please…please…”
    MAN: “Please what?”
    WOMAN: “Stop…”
    MAN: “Alright…”
    WOMAN: “Oh god, oh god, no …. ok, don’t stop. Touch my clit, tongue my pussy – come back! I need to rub…oh fuck!”
    MAN: “Mmmm your juices are are dripping…you taste wonderful. But … we need more. Perhaps if I tease you here…”
    WOMAN: “Please, not my clit…oh god, not inside me – your tongue feels so good but…of fuck…oh please…lick my clit…no wait, don’t…oh god I can’t take it. I’m so sensitive. Ohhh…oh god your tongue inside me is sooo…I need to cum! I need to cum! Please.”
    “Mmmm, I can turn up the heat even more.”
    “Oh no, where are you going? Oh god, your tongue is back on my clit – fuck, fuck. Oh, now your fingers…sliding inside my pussy. UH! What are you doing? What are you – OH! – looking for inside me? It feels like you’re reaching for -ahh- for something…what are you- OH GOD! OH FUCK! NOT THERE! DON’T TEASE ME THERE!”
    And on and on 😉
    I would LOVE to hear an audio version of “The Two Partcipants” – to hear a man and woman in agony at the same time as their “testers” tease them relentlessly – so damn hot. I’m a big fan of your Halloween audios – particularly “The Trapped Man” but love female denial as well. Hope there’s more to come (or not cum ;)).

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