Master and Sub

She had no idea where she was going, yet she could not help but smile in anticipation.

Once the blindfold was off, she instinctively tried to cover herself up. The moment he whispered, “they are here to enjoy you just as much as I will,” she let out a sigh of longing and began to touch herself, giving into her desire to be seen, to be lusted after.

Having been his sub for a while, she had opened up about every one of her fantasies, from little ones that could easily be performed by her master, such as being restrained and forced to climax repeatedly, to larger ones that she thought would never materialise. She had fantasised so much about being an object of voyeuristic pleasure. When she first told him, he made her masturbate in front of him while he remained seated, fully clothed and silent. When he finally started masturbating as well while watching, she came harder than she had ever done before on her own. The joy of simply her own body being able to elicit so much arousal, the thrill of imagining just what he might be thinking of doing to her, it was all too much to contain, bursting forth in a scream of rapture. 

That was all, she expected it would stop there. For years they had been so fulfilled by him. Yet when Sir had asked her if she wanted to go together to a swingers club, she thought nothing of it. Merely a little change of pace, perhaps a chance to involve another couple in their explorations.

Even when they were inside and he asked her to put on the blindfold, she expected it to be nothing more than a way to add a little surprise to having another pair of hands join his own. Her shock at first very quickly gave way to the familiar sting of shyness and embarrassment. This added to the tingle of arousal coursing through her; the taboo of being seen during such an intimate display, for so many eyes to be peering at her most personal, private act, all waging a war between wanting to hide and wanting them all to revel in her nakedness. Having her master by her side however made sure that she was comfortable enough to let herself give in, to explore that deep-seated fantasy to the fullest.

Her fingers teased and worked herself to a frenzy, at times she took pleasure in seeing their eyes lock onto hers, as if they were feeding off of her own arousal. Other times she simply imagined what they must be thinking, how they must be fantasising about fucking her. How easy it would be for them to hold her down right then and force her to come until she were screaming out that it was too much, yet it wouldn’t stop them from finger-fucking her and sucking her clit continuously, each having a turn to make her cry out in orgasm. The thoughts brought her quickly to her pinnacle…

“Hold it.”

Her master’s voice, even though right beside her, seemed so distant as she became lost in the moment. She had edged before, both alone and with him, yet it had never been this hard. Everything inside her wanted to erupt for every single person. “Please,” she whimpered.

“No,” came his reply.

Her body was aflame. All she could think about was her need to come. This was truly voyeurism, to be looking into the barest display of longing. His next words alone nearly forced her over the brink.

“Look at them all watching you, seeing that sensitive little clitoris so exposed and on display. They could just reach out and touch it to make you come, but you want them to watch, to see you writhe and buck those hips. The more you rock your waist, the more they all want to penetrate you and feel just how soft that gorgeous pussy is.”

“Please,” she begged, this time aloud as if to everyone watching, hoping to find some mercy. 

“Only when one of them says you can.”

She teased herself in every possible way, turning around and letting them see her from behind, so helpless, while her master helped her to contain her orgasm, telling her to obey them all. She hoped that the people behind were imagining the same thing she was, penetrating her from behind. She thought of each man taking turns sliding inside her while their partners told them to keep fucking her as hard as possible, all while reaching under and stroking her sensitive, defenceless clitoris. Even just the few seconds it took to turn back around onto her back was a much-needed moment of respite. When he began letting her suck him, feeling his length fill her mouth, it made it even harder to contain, feeling a physical embodiment of the lust and arousal she was giving so much. After a few minutes of whimpering and pleading, after opening her legs as wide as possible and hoping for mercy, someone finally said that it was time to let the pretty girl come. It was a woman’s voice. In the back of her mind, she imagined it a woman who understood just how torturous the need to come was when held back for so long.

“Come,” commanded her master. His fingers then joined hers, making sure that no matter how hard she came, the pace would not falter.

She wasn’t able to make a sound as she climaxed, the intensity shaking her. Her body tensed as the onlookers bore witness to this wondrous display of erotic beauty.

“Don’t stop.”

With each orgasm, she gave herself to them. Her body, her pleasure, all theirs. With that, she had never felt as in control of her own desires. Even when she thought neither her own touch nor the crowd’s command could draw another orgasm from her trembling body, feeling his touch, feeling Sir manhandle her in front of everyone, managed to rekindle the flames within. Ecstasy seared through her, too hot, too much… yet she did not want it to end.

When she finally could not come any more, when her pussy was too sensitive to touch, she smiled as the crowd began to thank her for letting them watch and mentioned how beautiful a sight it was. Though her master’s words were what had her beaming the most.

“Perhaps next time, we should let them join in.”

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