I want to play a game…

Welcome. I want to play a game.

For so long you have spent so many nights of your life scouring the internet for people to take control of your pleasure, to indulge you in your own fantasies to no avail. So long searching but never finding what you truly desired. Tonight, you have the opportunity to control your own dream.

The device you are strapped to can be controlled by your own voice, a powerful vibrator that can register how close you are to orgasm. Say ‘up’, and the machine will vibrate higher. Say ‘down’, and it will turn down lower. The machine will automatically bring you to the edge of orgasm every 5 minutes and hold you there for 20 seconds. If you can hold yourself at a high level of arousal until the end, you will be released, and you can leave. There will be no indication of how much time it will take or how long you have left. If you slow the machine down too low, or If you succumb to the need for orgasmic release, your orgasm will be cut short, and the machine will begin a succession of ruined orgasms repeatedly. How many? That would be for you to find out.

Control your pleasure or let it consume you. Make your choice…

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Image source from: DeviceBondage

3 thoughts on “I want to play a game…”

    1. I will do. This will be one of the first short story pieces that I work on for the early access Patreon posts (which will then later of course be posted here). Something to look forward to!

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