I always want to be clothed when I start playing with you. It is because I’m never thinking about how your body will make me feel; instead, I’m always thinking about what I can and will do to you and how I’ll make you feel.

I want you to feel my lust through every touch, for every caress to communicate my longing.

That’s why I focus so much on your nipples. It’s not about simply being inside you, not about fucking you or even solely about making you come. It’s all about making sure you know that I want every part of your body surging with that electric sizzle of pleasure. Those stiffening nipples letting me know that there is so much attention paid to your chest, beacons of arousal.

Perhaps you imagine my lips between your legs, devouring you in that same passionate hunger. Though I want you to focus on the rest of your body for now, realising that every inch of you needs to be explored fully.

Glancing kisses along your chest, slowly drifting closer and closer to those stiff peaks. Feeling my lips against yours to feel you exhale the gentlest of moans as you realise that I want to take my time with you. I always enjoy sucking and licking your hard nipples until you almost beg to feel the same thing further down. What I enjoy the most is how just a bite or a pinch to one of these two stiff points can cause you to arch your back or fling your head back in pleasure – all from the slightest attention and from knowing how every part of your body is a target for my desires. I could spend so long with you like this, simply painting a picture of your upper body’s every sensitivity with my lips and tongue, yet I know how much you need it between your legs now.

Between your thighs, I don’t merely want to taste you. I want to indulge in you. The heat, the wetness, all engulfed and mine to cherish.

You are so aroused that if I wasn’t devouring you with such ferocity, I could probably feel your heart beating just from resting my tongue against your clitoris. All the while, I look up and still see the effects of our passion through the constant stiffness of those nipples.

Finally, it gets a little too much for me to take as well. It gets to the point where the more my mouth sinks into your pussy, the harder it is to ignore the thoughts of my cock slipping into those wet folds.

Even as you feel my length within your mouth, enjoying the thought of it sliding deeply within, I can’t stop toying with you further. While you pleasure me, getting my cock stiffer and my balls tighter, I always want you to focus on how your body intoxicates me. As my fingers caress every sensitive morsel and my mouth cradles every delicate curve, you should know I am addicted to your pleasure.

Even the pleasure you give me, the way you suck my length like that, is all to further add to your ecstasy, ensuring that you feel the hardest and most pulsating shaft penetrate you.

So when I am holding your wrists down and pounding you furiously, it is because I want you to indulge in your pleasure as much as I do.

When I’m fucking you throughout your orgasm and not slowing down even as your pussy clenches tightly and convulses as if trying to slow the penetration, you’ll understand why I can’t stop. I want you to embrace the pleasure that every inch of you craves. No matter how long it takes, It’s not about making you come; it’s about keeping you lost in the moment where you know that everything within me remains focused on you just like in the beginning.

I must torture myself by holding back, preventing myself from giving in as your warm, soft pussy wraps so silkily around my throbbing cock, desperate to burst. Maybe when you can’t take me fucking you any more, when your pussy needs to rest from the constant drilling of my manhood, when you beg for my cum, I’ll finally get a little mercy. Until then, this is the moment I want you to think of when you next fantasise. It will help ensure that when I’m next fully clothed and undressing you, you understand everything I want to make you feel when you see the desire in my eyes.

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