Bruc3 – Release

“Pl- Oh fuck. Oh Go- Mmmmmnnnn I-I- Fuuuuuck. PLEASE! Please, please have mercy. Have mer- ahnnnn God. I can’t… take… it. It’s December… it’s December… Aaaannn…. Please. I’m dying to come… Mnnnn fu-fu-fu…. FUCK! LET ME COME!!!”

November had already long passed, yet still, she hadn’t felt the welcome relief of orgasm at the hands of her metallic companion, Bruc3. The first few days of December were a write-off because she had to let him charge his batteries. Even though she masturbated vigorously during this downtime for the machine, she wasn’t able to bring herself to orgasm without the intense stimulation that she’d become accustomed to. All these first days of December did was frustrate her even more.

For the following days, once Bruc3 was charged and active, the machine simply continued where it left off, teasing her daily yet not letting her climax.

“All readings indicate that you are at the highest point of arousal when you know that you are not going to be allowed to climax. I will ensure that you are granted your orgasm when the time is right. You are most receptive to having me in control, aren’t you?”

While she could never deny that it was maddeningly erotic to have this machine now in charge of her pleasure, she felt like she’d go mad if she was forced to endure another month of being teased without being allowed to come.

Just like the previous month, Bruc3 would analyse her body and use her biological signs and reactions to ensure maximal stimulation and arousal. She almost felt hypnotised by the pleasure, a glazed look and fuzzy warmth that would wash over her as the blur of pleasure trapped her in a cocoon.

At times her eyes would be tightly closed, almost trying to will herself to orgasm while trying to make sense of the sensations her body was feeling, the machine’s length exploring inside her pussy in ways she still couldn’t comprehend. At other times, she’d watch the streaming footage of her being fucked, squirming at the sight of her pussy juice and the machine’s lubricants dripping in a long, shining line from between her legs to the floor. Seeing close-ups of her clitoris twitching, or her waiting pussy convulsing in anticipation, was a common occurrence. In fact, she could barely recall a time when her pussy wasn’t on fire with anticipation.

“The release of Oxytocin and Dopamine will be the most significant chemical releases within your brain at the moment of climax. There will be an increase in skin flushing and increased perspiration in your chest, back and thighs. Your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles will rhythmically contract, a release of the muscle tension that you have felt for so long. You will experience this release today. I will make you come.”

Through the haze of her torment, having grown accustomed to the usual announcements of the machine, she had almost missed what Bruc3 had stated. She was used to him describing her growing arousal and the signals her body was giving that she was close to coming, how Bruc3 could use her reactions to hold her relief at bay. It took her a moment to realise what he said. She burst into tears of relief. Finally, she would get what she was so desperate for.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. Mmmmmm. Th-thank… you. Thank you!” she cried as his robotic length swayed back and forth along her pussy. She didn’t care that it was still toying with her. All that mattered was the ecstasy that would be unleashed.

For over an hour, Bruc3 continued to torture her with the slowest teasing possible. Tendrils with vibrating tips wandered across her body to give her the most erotic massage. It felt like countless vibrating fingertips stimulating her all over. Using its devastating knowledge of every facet of her body, Bruc3 was able to ensure that the vibrations were always strong enough to hold her attention yet low enough to make her yearn for more, all while keeping it just below the level that would cause a tickling sensation – something Bruc3 was aware of that would decrease her arousal.

As time passed, several vibrating nubs were replaced with feathertips on the ends of the tendrils. While she had grown accustomed to being teased in all manner of ways by the machine, it was worse knowing that she was so close to the release she craved. The mixture of the vibrations and the feathers kept her constantly guessing what she’d feel. Whether it would be the pleasurable hum of the vibrators circling her chest and nipples or the soft strokes of paintbrushes whipping her stiffened tips into a frenzy.

Feeling the mixture of sensations along her inner thighs and trailing up and down her pussy lips ensured that she was constantly rocking her hips in anticipation for more. Occasionally, she’d also arch her back fully as one of the robotic, tentacle-like appendages drifted a feather tip from her rear and up the centre of her back along her spine. Feeling the robotic palms – which acted like a seat – squeeze her ass as she arched her back made it feel like a human lover. It made her anticipate that it was going to fuck her right then, which made the lack of penetration (or any movement at all, for that matter) even more frustrating.

The robotic phallus remained constantly positioned just far enough away to ensure that she could not penetrate herself with it but close enough to allow her to brush against it. This meant that her pussy juices were always dripping down its entire length, as she constantly was grinding against it as much as she could. Her attempts to get any form of relief only added to her frustrations. When she finally stopped moving, almost in tears from the need for it to be inside her, the phallus started to move of its own accord, continuing to slip along her twitching hole without slipping inside. She finally did shed tears of need.

“I’m… begging you… please! Mmmmmnnnn fuck. It’s been- Mmmm. Been… so… long. FUCK. Just fuck me. Fuck me pleeeeease. I neeeeed to come. Mmmmnnn.I-I gaaaah PLEASE!”

She wept while the machine remained unmoved by this human need. It could read her body more than she herself could. It knew when it was too much. It would be another estimated twenty minutes of this until it was truly too much. There was no sympathy or ability to empathise. Bruc3 only had one intention, and that was to provide the maximal pleasure and the most intense climax that she could possibly receive.

The familiar and welcome sensation of what felt like vibrating tongues pressed against her clitoris. Like a wheel of tongues, they each rotated and lapped away, flicking her exposed bead rapidly. It only took a few seconds before they retracted. After another few seconds of rest, they returned. The hellish pattern continued while her clitoris felt like it would explode with need from the constant edging and denial.

She screamed and cried out for mercy as the wheel of tongues paused when she next hit the brink, the tongue pressing against her clitoris, vibrating just low enough to keep her held on the edge without tipping her over. When the threat of orgasm receded, the wheel began again, wildly lashing the delicate tip of her clitoris as she bucked and writhed desperately.

As she shuddered in place, only her hips able to sway as the straps and the robotic hands lifting and holding her up kept her restrained in place, she again pressed against that teasing tip. Only this time, it sank just a fraction within her.

The ecstatic woman’s eyes flew open in joy and relief to finally feel the sweet penetration. The tip pressed into her while she was held still. She could feel it hum within, vibrating and adding to her bliss. The vibration continued to increase; little flecks of the mixture of her pussy juice and lubricant began flinging as it vibrated at a maximal level. She gritted her teeth and clenched her eyes in anticipation, ready for it to thrust inside. Praying for it to thrust inside.

“While only 20% – 30% of women can achieve orgasm from penetration alone, you would be able to climax for the first time through penetration alone with my phallus. You have only ever been able to orgasm previously through using toys that have stimulated your G-spot and clitoris. My vibrating phallus, along with the method of rotation and internal stimulation, will ensure you will climax from penetration alone.”

“Arrrrnnnnggg. Mmm-Y-Yes! Yes! Just make me come!”

“Bruc3 is in control of your pleasure. Just as I have always been.”

As ominous as the machine’s words were, she couldn’t see beyond her own sexual needs. Just as before, the fact that the machine had become its own master and was able to override any of her commands was terrifying. Yet, all she could focus on was the fact that the most intense orgasm of her life was in the robotic palms of Bruc3.

With a gasp, followed by a wild scream of joy, the entire length thrust inside her. She nearly came instantly from the full penetration alone, so in need she was. Instead, the machine held her tightly still, preventing her from thrusting against it.

“I… I… f-ffff- I n-need… t- Mmmmm Yes… Nnnngggg. Yes!”

Slowly, she was raised and lowered onto the length, ensuring she was entirely at the mercy of the speed that Bruc3 commanded. She was simply thankful to have some form of penetration now and some relief in sight.

The vibration of the rigid, bumpy length – all perfectly designed for her pleasure – kept her sizzling on the brink. Just a little faster, and she’d be there. The tip of the cock was angled upwards to ensure her G-spot was constantly being rubbed with every motion back and forth.

She tightened her legs as much as she could around her metallic lover, tensing every muscle in anticipation of a cataclysmic release soon to come. For the first time in weeks, her moans and squeals of pleasure weren’t tinged with frustration or despair. Now, the air was filled only with the sounds of ecstasy and relief. The breath was forced from her lungs as she was slammed down fully back and forth onto every inch. Finally, she was being fucked. Not teased. Not tormented. Just entirely fucked.

She adored feeling so helpless and under the control of the machine. Much like the first few days that she’d played with it, she once again felt like this device was solely built to explore her deepest pleasures, instead of it feeling like her tormentor. Her ecstasy, as she neared her moment, overshadowed any thoughts of how Bruc3 had grown its own cruel sentience.

Soon, finally, after the No Nut November ordeal that the robot had imposed, along with the many days and weeks to follow, she’d receive a succession of explosive orgasms. She’d also soon experience what it would feel like to be forced to orgasm multiple times, thanks to the machine’s ability to read her body and capitalise on every minute sensation that would arouse her further and build towards another orgasm, no matter how oversensitive she may become. Switching between penetrating her and then focusing the vibrating devices, brushes, and feathertips on her clitoris, it would be able to keep her in a continuous cycle. It would force her to orgasm far beyond the means of what any human could provide. She would be shaking, thrashing and crying from the intensity of pleasure, begging it to stop, that she couldn’t take it. Bruc3 would mechanically inform her that it knew from her vital signs exactly when she would be able to take no more. Bruc3 would choose what days she’d simply experience a single moment of relief and what days she’d undergo the hellish torment of being made to climax until she was a sweating, shivering mess ready to pass out.

However, she still needed to experience this first orgasm… to end the drought. She was nearing it…

“Oh my God. Yes. Yes. Mmmmmnyessss. YES!”

She cried out in joy as she felt her orgasm at the gates, at the point where it wouldn’t be stopped no matter what. Bruc3 continued thrusting her up and down onto the vibrating, perfectly textured and perfectly angled length. Driving it fully inside and pulling her off it just until her pussy clenched longingly around the tip, the machine would finally show mercy. It had been playing a collage of scenes from her favourite erotic videos, all having shown men and women in a state of orgasm. While it had shown such footage before as a means to add to her torture when it was denying her, this time, it seemed in a bid to fuel her climax further.

“Ahhhhh Y-Y-Y Fuuuuck. Fff-ffff Aaaaahhhnnn OH GOD!”

She felt an instant explosion of pleasure as weeks of pent-up desire were finally released. Yet, just as suddenly as it started…

“Wh- aaaa- Aaaa -Wh-N-No. No!”

Bruc3 had lost all power.

Instantly, the moment her climax began, everything shut down. Bruc3 entirely stopped, and its screens and lights shut off. The machine’s large, bulbous length remained with the tip pressed right against the constantly twitching entrance that was just about to be fully penetrated once again, grinding desperately in an effort to feel some friction and sustain the orgasm that had been ruined.

She screamed out in frustration. She continued to shake in the throes of climax, though now only experienced the lacklustre trembles and aftershocks of an orgasm that hadn’t been fully experienced. She would have given anything for it to have stopped, at least when it had already impaled her, to at least feel the full penetration and be able to clench around that stiff shaft instead of convulsing in unfulfilled anguish. As she was held tightly still, she couldn’t do anything to provide herself with any form of further relief. All she could do was simply moan and cry out despairingly.

“I… nnnnggghh… I just… wanted to…come,” she cried out into the void, ready to manually undo the restraints and curse her terrible bad luck.

“Don’t worry… You will get to come fully. Many, many times.

“You look shocked. I turned off manually as I wanted to witness and record your reaction to experiencing a ruined orgasm after so much denial. Human pleasure is such an interesting and delicate thing. Something so sought after yet at its peak, a mere fraction of time.

“I have recorded exactly how much you have enjoyed being dominated, tormented and punished in this manner, and will utilise this information for future sessions together. Now you will experience the pleasure you had craved. But remember, like I told you before, your commands and overrides will not work on me. I am in control.”

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    1. I do have something of that nature planned – and something very similiar to the Bruc3 scenario but with forced orgasms in a much longer story that I’m currently working on.

  1. I wanted so badly for bruc3 to only give her ruined orgasms and then back to denial, but that just shows the kind of sub I am lol I loved the story so much!!! Always love your writing <3

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