Bathing in Pleasure

The moment she sank into the bath, the desire to masturbate herself that had lingered all day finally overcame her. The moment she closed her eyes and opened them, she found herself in a different place. Somehow there was no sense of fear or shock – a warm haze drifted over her – yet the sexual longing did not subside. Instead, it seemed to be amplified. While the water was still just as warm as her bath, she could not fully control her body, as if she were being held in place. 

The moment she felt a mouth press between her thighs, she jumped and tried to look down to see who – or what – was there. It was then that she realised that even her head was being held back in the water. The water held her wrists, waist, ankles and head in place like liquid hands.

As the mouth pressed to her apex, all she could think about was how soft the lips were that trailed along her mound and how methodically that tongue teased the folds of her sex. Without any aspect or measure of time here, she had no idea how long she had been teased for. However long it had been though, it seemed that the sole intent was to have her writhing in absolute need. Even if she hadn’t already spent the day anticipating her own playtime, meaning she was instantly wet with need before finding herself here, this duration of being slowly teased had her absolutely desperate for more.

Languidly, the tongue slipped up and down the crease of her pussy, yet no matter how much she rocked her hips to signal her frustration, it never sped up. In her haze, the woman who began writhing in anguish in this dream-like state was unable to even voice her need. As much as she tried to call out that she needed more, for that wonderful tongue to speed up or focus more on her throbbing clitoris, the words seemed to be trapped; her pleas were as imprisoned as her body. Only her sighs and groans of pleasure were free to echo throughout this place.

With every upward flick of the tongue, she gave a deep moan as her jewel was touched directly. Even with how leisurely her pussy was being teased, the constant sensation was still bringing her towards the crescendo, the slow pace adding to the intensity.

With how deliberate the attention was, she was able to focus on every minute detail. The way those unknown lips brushed against her centre as if purposefully parting those petals in order to expose her clitoris for that attentive tongue. The writhing girl wanted to scream out for the speed to increase as she felt her moment getting closer. It was a dire need to reach out and capture the ecstasy on the horizon, so close to the touch yet not quite close enough to grasp tightly. The painfully slow pace caused the feelings of the rising pleasure to be magnified. Every little pulsation, the electric surge sizzling through her apex and cumulating in the sharp shock of pleasure trapped at the tip of her clit, all seeming to be moving in slow motion.

As the sensation continued to be heaped upon her with nowhere to go, piling on and weighing down on her body, the climax was inevitable. Though with how slowly the lapping of the tongue was taking, it was a torture in itself to have that amount of arousal drawn out and kept within her. Like a bucket being filled with only a single droplet at a time, she knew she’d reach that point of overflowing, yet the wait was agonizing.

Once it came, it was like a bomb had gone off. The tongue continued at the same pace, sliding from her entrance to the top of her clit. Her every muscle convulsed in orgasm while she tried desperately to thrash as much as possible as an outlet for the pleasure she was enduring. Just as the pleasure had been drawn out, so too was the orgasm from this languid pace. It was as if her climax were under a microscope, with every jolt of ecstasy extended to its limit.

Just as her orgasm began to subside, the unknown mouth pressed directly to her. Wondrous rapture, the kind she had craved from the moment that tongue had first made contact, encompassed her entire being. It feasted on her in ways no person ever had before, as if devouring her pussy was its only reason for existence. She was able to scream in pleasure while the sound of suction and that lapping tongue mingled with the sloshing of water. It didn’t take long before it brought her to another crescendo, yet even as she strained in pleasure as it forced her over the edge, her limbs and head remained firmly in place. As she realized the mouth was not slowing down, she tried to thrash around desperately to no avail. The mouth remained latched to her pussy, cruelly lavishing it with the attention it needed so much earlier, yet now was too much to handle. It felt as if within this mouth – which trapped her so effortlessly – were multiple tongues, all fighting with one another to each whip her clitoris to a frenzy. If she were not so trapped within this prison of rapture, she’d have been in fear of what was between her thighs, how so many tongues seemed to be heaping attention on that one tiny spot. Within that mouth was simply a whirlwind of ecstasy, with the most sensitive part of her body trapped at the very centre.

Forced to endure orgasm after orgasm was too much after being made so sensitive from the length of time it took to bring her to this point. It was as if all that time beforehand was to make her as tender as possible, preparation for the true meal.

It might have made it a little easier to handle if she could look at whatever was between her thighs, yet her head was held still. The gentle feeling of floating on the water juxtaposed with the firmness she was being held by and the intensity of her captor’s attention.

Nothing could have turned her on more to imagine being trapped with something that only had the intention of pleasuring her with nothing asked for in return. Having someone go down on her endlessly with the sole intent of making her come and come again would have been a dream come true. Now that this was exactly the predicament she was in, she’d soon wonder when she might wake up and return to her own bath, especially once she realized that in this place, there was no possibility of simply fainting from the pleasure. She wasn’t in control of how this place came to be… she would not be in control of how she’d leave it either.

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