One thought on “60 Minute Oral Tease”

  1. I used to edge my wife in a similar manner. I would sit cross-legged between her legs with a firm pillow on my lap. I would then help her get her butt up on the pillow, which elevated it to where I had easy oral access. I would then reach around her hips [she weighed just over 100 lbs] and pull her pussy lips apart for easy access to her clit. I would start slowly licking her randomly, but after several minutes would focus more and more on her clit. Finally, I would get to the point where I would be sucking her clit into my mouth, while I slowly and gently flicked the soft tip of my tongue on just the clit. When she was about to cum, I would keep lightly sucking but temporarily stop all tongue movement for several seconds, then start again. I could [and have] repeated this for way over an hour, keeping her on the edge, until I finally decided to let her cum.

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