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Content created by: Jade Harbor.

They Aren’t Human!

The first thing I’m aware of, as my mind begins to stir, is the feeling of air against my already stiff nipples. The fog of sleep is still in the process of fading as I realize it’s not just my breasts, but my entire body that’s exposed to the open air.

I achieve full alertness when I then discover, as I attempt to sit up and cover the most private and vulnerable parts of me, that I’m completely bound in place. My heart begins to pound as I test the leather-like straps holding my wrists above my head… then the matching set holding my ankles past-shoulder-width apart. While struggling, I also feel a thicker band around my waist, keeping me fully pinned to a (thankfully warm) metal table. 

Tentatively, I look around, beyond the surface I’m laid out upon, to fully assess the situation. What I see is not what I expect. I find myself in what would best be described as a sort of operating theater – the table I’m on sits in the middle of a clean, empty, bright-white room, and a domed window serves as a barrier between me and the assembly of…

“They aren’t human.”

The thought sends a bolt of molten-hot fear coursing through my body as I take in the beings gathered above, watching me intently with liquid black eyes. “Eyes” are where the physical similarities between our species end. Their bodies shine, as if made of a malleable, dark magenta plastic. They lack mouths, and noses – two small nostrils are all that complete their facial features. In place of arms, they appear to have two thick yet nimble tentacles, with haphazard rows of suckers on the undersides. They do not appear to have legs at all.

I gasp as a set of previously invisible doors opens to my right. One of the beings makes its way toward me, stopping when it’s by my side. Just as I begin to wonder how this creature might talk to me… I hear it in my thoughts. “No, we are not human,” says a voice – not my own – inside of my mind, responding to my internal monologue as though it can read me like a book. “But we are quite intrigued by you. All of you.”

The being explains that they come from the outer reaches of our own solar system, a far-flung planet that has observed us and our ways for years with fascination. Sensing our current moment of extreme division and vulnerability, they decided to take advantage of the opportunity chaos provided to sneak in and learn more about us, up close and personal. One by one, they have picked test subjects to bring aboard their ships, it tells me. And today, it’s my turn to “help them learn.”

As it concludes, we both watch as it lifts one undulating tentacle toward me. The moment feels as though it’s happening in slow motion – giving me ample opportunity to clock, then contemplate, the fact that its suckers are now dripping with a clear, semi-viscous liquid. I begin to struggle in earnest as fear once again takes over my curiosity and surprise. I imagine all manner of awful outcomes to letting that substance touch my skin – wondering if it’s corrosive, or adhesive, or perhaps contains some kind of nerve agent…

Then it makes contact, and their intent becomes clear – I moan out involuntarily as arousal burns through my body at the first touch before bringing my bewildered eyes to meet its gaze, my breathing already ragged from just this first bit of contact.

It’s delighted by my reaction. “You’re especially sensitive,” the creature intones in my mind, before beginning to explore me in earnest. The aphrodisiac leaking from its pores leaves shimmering, vaguely sticky trails along my skin as it uses both tentacles to touch every single inch of me. It’s impossible to control my reactions – against my logical mind’s will, I begin to moan repeatedly, and writhe on the table. Responding to the chemicals that ignite my body and thoughts as they seep into my skin, as well as to the creature’s surprisingly nimble touch… the way it feels along every exposed curve, careful at first to avoid contact with the most sensitive parts…

I find myself wondering how it will feel when those suckers are applied to my nipples… my clit… “The others have liked it,” the creature telepathically replies to my rhetorical wonderings. I can only moan at the notion.

My fight-or-flight response wanes with every second of its exploration of my body, replaced increasingly by pure, deep need. My logical self is incredulous as every other part of my being cries out, louder with each passing second, for stimulation – and release. Because, I already can’t help it – I want the monster to make me cum. 

As soon as I admit it to myself, I feel one of those tentacles graze my nipples. Almost as if to reward me for the honesty of my thoughts… I test my hypothesis by thinking of just one word, which perfectly articulates what I’m craving: “More.” It immediately complies, gently resting one sucker on each nipple, applying the gentlest of pressure. I’m in ecstasy, arching my back into its touch as much as my binding permits, now shamelessly pursuing my own pleasure. But the restraints keep me in place for a reason – the creature intends to take its time, and won’t be rushed.

I admit to myself that the straps, in and of themselves, are also a turn-on.

“I know,” it replies.

I then feel my own arousal beginning to leak from me as the teasing continues – I’m already wet enough for it to start to drip down toward my ass and thighs. I look up to see the inky gazes of the beings above, hyperfocused on my curvy, smooth, flushed frame – my added excitement at being on display for them fully eclipses any embarrassment I might feel. The beings appear pleased so far as well, with several pressing their own lubricated appendages to the glass as they take in the show.

The being assigned to my care then draws my focus back when it uses its second tentacle to oh-so-gently tease my entrance. My hips have just enough range of motion to grind slightly into it. It’s not nearly enough for me, though, and I whimper in frustration as I desperately, uselessly struggle to get more. “Patience,” the creature urges. “We will give you what we need.” 

“But first,” it adds, “we wish to test what you can handle.”

At that, the tentacle grazing my nipples moves just long enough to slather some of the aphrodisiac onto my lips and into my mouth, before returning its attention to my breasts. I’m delighted by its light, sweet taste for a moment, before the added effect takes hold – by ingesting the fluid directly, its impact is tripled. My hips begin to circle rapidly; my breath catches in my throat; my fingers clench and my toes curl; my eyes squeeze shut as my mouth hangs open in shock. It all happens outside of my control – my arousal spiked so high, and so instantly, that my body can only offer instinctual physical reactions to the sensations. My mind is a blank slate of desire. If I could form words, they would only be to beg to cum.

The teasing continues, though – then heightens exponentially when its attention moves from the inviting folds of my pussy to my throbbing clit at last – while keeping its touch to a soft whisper. At this shift, my eyes fly open and down as much as my bound state allows, and I begin to groan and grunt in an almost animalistic fashion. Trying to watch this alien being caress me, as both its fluids and mine mingle and drip onto the table. For a while, it holds me in this pattern – offering careful, languid strokes on my clit that urge my arousal on but do little to push me toward orgasm. I would truly commit all manner of crimes, in that moment, just to feel the full impact of this creature’s machinations. To be thrust into orgasmic bliss by its sucking and rubbing as it drips alien lubrication onto and into me. 

I also find myself wanting to taste more of it… “We were wondering when you’d ask,” it says, answering my unspoken thoughts once more. A second creature enters at that moment, making its way to the top of the table, then easing the tip of its tentacle into my hot, eager mouth. I take it in readily, willingly, any shame or reticence long forgotten in my haze of carnal need – wrapping my soft lips around it while sucking and licking with abandon. It appears to enjoy my work, and starts to thrust the appendage in and out of my face at a steady rhythm. It leaks more of that fluid down my throat as it does, further wracking my body in need.

At this, the first being removes its tentacles entirely – I briefly scream with my mouth full about the loss of contact, before I can remember myself. But I needn’t worry; the creatures have a plan. As the second being continues to fill my mouth, it replaces its colleague’s spot on my nipples. The first creature, meanwhile, becomes solely focused on my needy pussy – using one tentacle to rub my clit far harder, while the other begins to enter me, deeper than before.

I just about lose my mind with pleasure at this shift – doing all I can to take in everything the creatures are doing to me. The exquisite fullness in my mouth; the way it’s groping my breasts; and of course, the expert flicks and sucks on my clit that pair perfectly with the way it quickly but carefully penetrates me. I feel more of our combined fluids leaking down to my ass, and moan over the mess we’re making.

For their part, I can also sense growing arousal from my captors, on several levels. It’s in the increasing speed with which they move; and, the perceptible breaths through their nostrils that gain in both speed and intensity, in tandem with their touches along my body. They called it a learning exercise earlier on – I suspect they get more out of this than knowledge.

At last, I feel both captors picking up the pace in earnest, perhaps due to their own excitement – and my elation at this is evident. My stifled, thrilled whimpers around the appendage that fucks my face deeply; my nipples hardening to the point where it’s just shy of painful; my clit throbbing, my near-constant leaking as I feel every graze, rub and flick of one tentacle; the way the entrance of my pussy grips another limb as it burrows its way deeper and deeper inside. “Heaven” feels like an understatement.

They are building me toward an explosion – I can feel it pooling and growing inside of me. I begin to try to beg around the tentacle penetrating my mouth, forming the word “please” repeatedly around its length as best I can. I know it can hear my thoughts, but my desperation is such that I need to speak it out, shout it out.

I then feel the welcome, particular tension building at the apex of my thighs, which signals my approaching orgasm. My sounds and movements somehow become more frantic, still, doing all I can to bring about the delicious crash — until they stop entirely. Suddenly and instantaneously denying me both their touch and their taste, and stepping back to even remove the warm comfort that comes with proximity. I almost begin to cry immediately – I’d been right on the edge, so close to release I could almost taste it. Instead, I’m now struggling significantly as they watch me – intently, and with clear fascination, as I try desperately to calm myself down and regain some sense of control over my mind and senses. I take two deep, steadying breaths, which help calm the swirling storm in my mind.

Until they begin again, that is. Resuming their simultaneous assaults on my most sensitive parts, bringing me to the pinnacle again in less than a minute. As I sense completion approaching once more, my thoughts once again locked in on my hope and anticipation – they stop. At this, I do cry out, and I don’t really stop, screaming “no” and “more” and “please” over and over again, like a sort of chant… so wracked with desire and sexual tension that I need to beg as loudly as possible. It’s for naught, though – after I’ve relaxed a bit, they start afresh, with my overly sensitive, prone body responding instantly to their touches and caresses… motions that are now finely tuned to give me what I specifically want and enjoy the most. It’s the most perfect torture.

As they bring me to the brink again, before pulling away, I wonder with growing fear how many times they plan to do this. Amid the onslaught, I gaze around for help, or for anything to take mental hold of, as I genuinely struggle to preserve my sanity. But there is nothing – I am laid out, on display, before creatures I couldn’t even bring myself to describe to others, for fear of being locked away from society – positively burning with all-consuming need for an orgasm, while powerless to do anything but hope for mercy. 

They work me up, then pull away yet again – with that, I become fully overwhelmed by the situation. Before I can stop them, the tears begin to flow. So awash in sensation and desperation that I cannot process either in any other way. In a shocking moment of tenderness, one of the beings guides my gaze to theirs as it gently glides a tentacle down my face. “Good girl,” it whispers simply in my mind. “You’ve done well.”

It adds: “You deserve a treat.”

Both creatures begin anew, but with a borderline ferocity to their movements designed to communicate to me that, this time, they won’t stop. They know I’ve reached my limit, and now, they intend to give me my reward. I’m so thrilled by the prospect of cumming at last that tears of excitement and relief replace the tears of longing and frustration. Around the tentacle buried in my face, I grunt – gracelessly, shamelessly, elatedly – as I approach the peak another time.

And as promised, this time, I’m granted relief at last. I positively soar over the edge, suspended in a silent moment of pure bliss, before the pleasure slams into me like a freight train. Every inch of my body tenses as my pussy becomes frozen in constant contractions, arousal flowing from me in an absolute torrent. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before – raw, exposed, sloppy and all-consuming in ways I didn’t think possible. The rush of sensation coursing through every inch of my body – I feel alive and “in” myself in ways I never have before. It’s euphoria on steroids. If I breathe at all during this climax, I’m unaware of it. 

After a minute, I begin to come down. As I do, I hear one of the beings flick a switch on the side of the metal table – instantly, the straps holding me in place are pulled back. But my inclination isn’t to run with my newfound freedom – not that I could, even if I wanted to. I can barely even bring myself to move, having been properly drained, in all senses, by the force of that otherworldly climax. 

I feebly stretch my limbs, which ache from being held so taut for so long. One of the creatures helps me up before offering me a robe – and a proposition. I’m free to go, it says, as I reach to cover myself. But if I want, I can stay and help two other beings learn how to administer the “lesson” they just did. I stare for just a moment.

I wish I could say that I hesitated before returning the robe and lying back down – but I did so almost immediately. “So eager for more,” the being purrs in my mind. “Very well.” I let it guide my hands above my head and my feet apart once more, revelling in the feeling of being repositioned and tied back up to suit their needs. 

“I should warn you though…” it adds within my mind as two more beings enter. “The inexperienced ones will bring you to orgasm repeatedly, by accident, before they work out how to keep you on the edge. I suspect you’ll be quite exhausted by the end of this…”

I close my eyes, knowing it can sense my happy acceptance of this caveat. I listen to the way my heart pounds with anticipation as two new sets of appendages set to work – before fully surrendering myself to whatever is to come.

Written by: Jade Harbor

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