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  1. I notice there is a lot of female on female content and the only body type of women is super skinny and likely under 30. I get we all have an ideal type. Also, when I open your site and the first thing I see is a woman on woman, as a straight woman, it’s a turn off. IDK if gay women feel this way seeing straight women with guys, but I’d imagine it’s the same unless they’re bi.

    I know that the porn industry is not geared towards women, let alone real women with real bodies, but you don’t even make an effort to show any sort of other body type then thin and big boobs. Many of women you’ve videoed and been with IRL look more like real women, with some notable exceptions, then anything in your porn gifs.

    I hope some day real women get to be seen as sexual and sexy too but I doubt if I’ll live to see it. Meantime, we’re supposed to be attracted to men who don’t shave, bathe, wear nothing but t-shirts and baseball caps, and whose stomachs looks like a hairy 9-mo pg female and they can no longer see their penis. GROSS. No thanks.

    Sexually frustrated

    1. That is a very good point regarding the imagery being the first thing to see. I think it would be visually better to have the text showing before the image where possible – allowing for the written content to be the focus (particularly as the only reason for the GIFs is to flesh out the writing or be a companion piece to the textual thoughts).

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