Keep those arms and legs spread for him. You will only use one hand to explore your desire, leaving the other arm and legs outstretched, feeling those restraints holding you in place for him to take you as he desires. 

First, tease yourself as you imagine yourself restrained, those fingertips trailing in such soft, slow circles around your so incredibly aroused little entrance. How you want to feel those fingers penetrate you deeply, to feel the power of his hands envelop your sex. Keep teasing it, circling that tight hole which will soon quiver for so much more. 

Once it truly can’t handle such teasing, slide those fingers up and down the sides, letting them trail along the lips of your sex. Even from just 5 minutes of this, it feels unending, a need so bad that it draws the deepest desperation from you.

Finally, as your thoughts draw towards his fingers slipping inside you, you finally focus on your clitoris, paying careful attention to teasing it just the right way to make your sex pulsate even more. You can almost feel his fingers drilling deep inside you, fingerfucking you intensely as you circle your clitoris 50 times. The closer you get to doing all 50 circles, the more vividly you imagine him keeping his fingers buried all the way inside you, telling you just how it feels within, telling you how much he wants to feel his cock surrounded by those tight walls of silk.

The moment you reach the 50th circle around your stiffened little clitoris, your attention turns to his tongue slipping over your clitoris so delicately, just the way your fingers act out, sliding left and right so carefully and barely brushing over the tip, his tongue coaxing it from beneath that hood. At first, he just keeps teasing it with the very tip of his tongue in a way that barely even touches, though it still sends a surge of pleasure through you as if he were whipping it harshly against it; however, once you start to feel your hips losing their control and thrusting up and down, that’s when it slips over it more, pressing down more fervently. 

Faster, it continues, left and right, until you feel that white-hot heat building. Only then does he suck it hard, clasping his lips around that little jewel of delight to devour your pleasure. You edge, though he does not stop, holding you on that pinnacle for 20 seconds, knowing that you would not dare orgasm without permission, not until he is inside you. Suddenly it stops after those 20 seconds, allowing you to catch a breath before it starts again, your fingers working as intensely as possible to capture that sensation of your pussy being devoured. Feeling his tongue caress your swollen little nub sends you to the edge, and again you are forced to hold it for 20 seconds, your hips writhing and your limbs pulling fiercely against the restraints. Even as it stops, you can barely relax your muscles for the brief seconds you are given to rest as you stave off the orgasm that resonates within you. As he sucks on your clit once again, the pattern repeats itself another five times in a row.

He gets up and undresses on the 5th and final time, showing you that pulsating length ready to enter you. Your fingers slide over the hole you so need him to penetrate, feeling just how wet it is, teasing the entrance with little circles until you are nearly ready to beg. Finally, it slips within you. As those fingers enter, you imagine every inch of his length pushing deeper, how he’d tell you just how it feels to be inside you, to have his cock exploring your sensitive pussy and how it makes him feel to hear you moan in pleasure.

Finger yourself hard and fast as he takes you, just as you crave. The way you want him to fuck you roughly, the animal passion that courses through him, wanting nothing more than to make you scream with his length. As he pounds you hard to keep you gushing around every erect inch of him, your fingers continue their work in rhythm. Do not stop! From this you will orgasm the moment that pinnacle hits you. He continues to fuck you even as you climax, never slowing down, even as you strain against the restraints. You won’t stop coming until you have no more orgasms left to give him. That’s it… More.

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Image source: New Sensations – Restraint 2

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