A Little Self-Restraint

Let your imagination wander, your fingers will soon follow.

It is time to immerse yourself in the pleasures you have witnessed, to experience the sensations you most desire…

Carry out the actions as closely to the images/descriptions as possible; if massage oil and toys are available to you, use them appropriately. Whether you have items on hand or not, all that matters is that you are immersed in pleasure. Have oil at hand if you possess it/wish to use it (remember that massage oils should only ever be used for external use unless stated on the product label, therefore, keep fingers clean of oil if using them for penetration after applying oil). 

You will be wearing only your panties….

Spread your arms and legs, ready to submit like a good girl. Imagine the feeling of those cuffs pressing against your wrists and ankles, your control being taken away from you, your pleasure in the hands of another. You are going to remain spread out like that, imagining yourself locked in such sweet submission. While you will use one hand to carry out the instructions, keep the rest of your body held in this state, immersed in the sensation of restraints holding you tightly in place, ready for such erotic torment…

Those fingertips trace along your delicate skin, trailing down your upper body, letting the sensual curves of your femininity feel the tantalising attention being placed upon you. As they slip up and down your heaving chest, you feel them circling closer and closer to your nipples, until finally, they circle those little peaks for a full minute.

Just as you think they will feel the relief of a hard pinch, they slide up, tracing the nape of your neck, the sensation of those lips pressing there, teeth pressing against that sensitive spot, the suction making you gasp, just as those fingers lead down once again. The fingers circle your nipples 20 times, and then the tips of those gentle fingers brush lightly over the tips of your stiffening nipples 5 times. This repeats 5 times.

The fingertips then press gently around those nipples which crave such attention, yet instead of pinching them, they simply roll gently back and forth, tweaking them so slowly and gently for a full minute. Just as you expect to finally feel a firm pinch, the fingers trail up your chest back to your neck, then down slowly.  Slowly down your cleavage… slowly down your trembling stomach… slower…

Those fingers tread so gently against your thighs, drifting across and grazing lightly against your softness, feeling the delicacy pressed to your panties. For 2 full minutes, you feel that gentle stroking along your thighs as every few seconds, the slightest contact against your mound sends a shiver of longing through you…  

As the palms caress your thighs, you try to maintain your composure as the thumbs press along the sides of your mound, making you want to sway your hips for closer contact. You do your best to keep your hips still while the touches tease either side of your raised mound, which has become so swollen, in a bid for more attention. Just as it feels like you can take no more of the slow, stuttered teasing, the fingertips graze up and down the centre of your panties 100 times, so lightly you’d barely notice, yet in this overly aroused state, it is the only thing that your body will let you focus on. After you feel like you are ready to moan out with the need for more, you feel the lingerie being pulled away…

Those steady circles around your intimacy make you want to pull your hands down and grant yourself the direct contact you desire most, yet they remain restrained helplessly as you yearn for the wet lash of a tongue against that one little spot.

Relentlessly it continues – you feel those slippery soft circles teasing you, circling around your clitoris 50 times, then stroking around your entrance 50 times, feeling it sink in ever so slightly, yet never granting that merciful, deep sensation you crave.

Suddenly it presses to your clitoris, ever so lightly, stroking it directly 10 times, and then you feel it press just an inch inside you, feeling the slightest penetration in and out 10 times. You then feel the familiar teasing of those circles… 50 circles to your clitoris, 50 to your tight little entrance. This pattern repeats itself until you can take no more, having counted at least 5 repetitions, then being unable to keep track once you finally lose yourself in the agonising need. When you finally can think of nothing more than the blissful sensation of penetration, you feel fingers pressing right there…

The fingers push against your wet little sex slowly, the deliberated parting of your delicate petals, even this slowly and tenderly, has a sense of enormity to it; it is something you need more than anything right now.

They slide inside just an inch, delighting in the way your pussy seems to wrap so yearningly around them. They slide in and out like this so cruelly – only sliding in an inch and then back out for 30 seconds before they move away from your sex entirely, leaving you desperate for their return. 

The feeling is replaced by a familiar soft, steady touch directly to your clitoris. As you remain strapped in the same position, you fight against the restraints to no avail, rocking your hips uselessly against the gentle motion on your clitoris, which lasts 30 seconds. The fingers then return to your entrance, sliding again in and out just a slight amount – teasing it so cruelly – for 30 seconds. Yet again, once the 30 seconds are over, the stroking of your clitoris returns for 30 more seconds. This pattern continues until you finally cannot take it any more. After a 20-second rest, the pattern repeats 5 more times. Just as soon as the 5th repetition is over, you feel that the fingers are finally going to push deep inside… 

Just as you feel the rewarding pressure of fingers against your enticingly wet entrance, they slide up, away from where needs them most, sliding up your mound and up your body, finally leaving your body alone to writhe in need as you wait for the next instance of tormenting contact. However much you wish to pull on the restraints, you remain in place as a bottle of oil is lifted and drizzled over your upper body. Every inch of your upper body is massaged until one hand slips with ease along every tender crevice, feeling your breasts so supple within its grasp.

Once your upper body is fully oiled and massaged, the motions move down, along your thighs, along your legs, over the slick slope of your engorged mound, yet never over the apex of your sex. Once your body is writhing in uncontrollable need after being so slowly massaged, the hand moves away.  Finally, you feel the oil-free hand return, the soft fingers slide so effortlessly down the silky trail of your pussy…

The fingers penetrate you slowly, feeling every sensual convulsion of your silky wet pussy around them, slowly inserting as deep as they can before slowly sliding all the way out. Once out, they tease that tight entrance again for 10 seconds before sliding all the way in and back out. This repeats 10 times.

Those fingertips, etched with such feminine tenderness, slide all the way inside as you sense the weight of that body pressing to you, those curves sharing your body’s lustful heat.  They slide in and out just the way you want them to, bringing you to the very pinnacle of orgasm. Just as you are brought to the edge of climax, it stops, and the fingers remain still, buried inside you to feel the convulsions of your need against them. They remain there for a couple of seconds as you calm down before sliding all the way out. This repeats another 5 times. Every movement of your body, while you writhe in the restraints, seems to cry out with a need for more…

Those slender digits thrust within you once again, savouring your wetness and the rocking of your hips. Something within you can’t decide whether you want to close your thighs or open them wider in a protest for more, though the restraints keeping them held in place leaves your body with no option but to obey the whims of your tormentor. In and out the fingers thrust with the wet slap of them entering the slippery folds of your sex. You feel it build once again inside you, the edge of orgasm gripping every muscle. This time the fingers simply slow down and adjust as if reading every surge of sensation in your body, keeping you held on the edge. You are left to hold the edge for 30 seconds, never going over but also never letting the intensity of need back off. Once the 30 seconds have been counted, they pull out and let you rest for 15 seconds. This is repeated another 2 times. Just as the 3rd time being edged is finished, just as the fingers pull out once again, you clench every muscle in your lower body as if preparing yourself for an orgasm. 

You feel the familiar inferno whirling inside you as the fingers penetrate you, thrusting in just a little slower than before, building you up at a steadier pace. Something inside you tells you that now is the time. Just as you are slowly built back to that pinnacle, the motions continue, masturbating you to the edge and then pushing you over that cliff. The fingers do not speed up or slow down. They continue at that same speed as the volcanic orgasm which had been so pent up now erupts, making your body arch and convulse in ecstasy. The waves do not relinquish as the masturbation continues at the same pace.

You feel the pace pick up as you near another pinnacle, having barely come down from the last. Held so tight in the restraints, you can do nothing but await the next surge of unrelenting pleasure that consumes you. Your legs remain spread, and your arms remain stretched out to pull on the restraints as the orgasm takes your breath away once more. The climax seems to go on and on, those fingers making you ride out every last morsel of pleasure until finally, just when you feel you can take no more, they slow down and slide out of your quivering intimacy. As you catch your breath and recover, you feel the restraints being removed. In your first moments of freedom, you already feel that familiar sensation, the desire to soon feel those restraints being put back on once again.

Content created by: PleasureTorture

Image source from: SexArt

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  1. I’m going to show this to me hubby and ask them to perform this on me as written, to spice things up a bit!! Thank you for your elegant writing.

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